Nonfiction Nagging- Five Reasons to Read Sous Chef

Either I haven't been reading nonfiction much lately or I've forgotten to write them up under nonfiction nagging. And if I wasn't working under the pressure of a napping baby I'd go check. So, anyway, here we are, taking a look at Sous Chef by Michael Gibney. Gibney writes a day-in-the-life style memoir about a day as a sous chef in a fine-dining New York City restaurant. Here are five reasons why you should read it:

1. Gibney describes the most mundane kitchen tasks, like sharpening knives or organizing a station, so incredibly elegantly. His passion for cooking and writing shines through in every single sentence.

2. You're being given this almost precious, rare opportunity to have a sneak peek behind the scenes into the specific, structured world of the kitchen. I worked at a few chain places in college and they were absolutely nothing compared to the place Gibeny writes about. There's this culture that bleeds through linguistically, socially, and physically into the staff.

3. It's a quick, fascinating read that mirrors the day perfectly. Just like Gibney can't stop to relax you won't be able to stop and put this book down.

4. As someone who likes to cook I always find reading about food and prep interesting. It's humbling and inspiring.

5. If you're like me, it will lead to a mass wish-list filling of kitchen/cooking/restaurant/chef memoirs on Amazon.  


  1. I'll have to add it to my list!

  2. Just finished this one not long ago and totally agree with your assessment of it! Although I had to remind myself it was nonfiction and I wouldn't be finding out what happened with his girlfriend, that was not the story here lol! Love your Nonfiction Nagging, it gives me some great suggestions for new books. :)

  3. Sounds up my alley, definitely adding it to my list!