Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up, link back, stop and chat.

1. My grading at work is at an actual manageable level. As in I have less than one assignment outstanding to grade. This hasn't happened since the end of last semester. It's an end-of-the-school-year miracle.

2. This essay from the New Yorker is really great- it's Pinterest personified. I wish I wrote it.

[source Fiona Crawford Watson via The New Yorker]

3. And now, because of number two, I think I'm going to subscribe to the magazine... again. I received six months as a gift many years ago and I got behind really quickly. But now you can do twelve weeks for twelve bucks, and you get the digital and physical copies. Done deal. I can become more cultured at one in the morning when I'm rocking the crazy baby back to sleep.

4. Something happened at work yesterday that really bothered me (not related to my students, which I find amusing, because you'd think the majority of a high school teacher's workplace strife would come from the 100+ teenagers they're with all day) and now I'm really, really, really ready for summer. 

5. I'm supposed to go to see Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend and I can't wait, no matter what the reviews say (and I don't even know what they say, since I haven't looked, but how often is a sequel that well-received?). I was so pleasantly surprised with the first one, so I'm looking forward to catching up with the girls, taking a purse out instead of a diaper bag, and being entertained. 

6. I'm sort of in love with washi tape, and I have no idea why. I just covered a notebook in it. Why? I have no idea. But it's so... cute.

[the possibilities are endless; source]

7. I ordered the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marle Kondo, hoping it motivates me to organize the heck out of my house this summer.

8. Scott just gave me permission to watch the rest of Sons of Anarchy without him, since the last episode of the second season pissed him off. Whatever. Anyway, if I didn't have a child I'd be done with the who show in approximately one week. Because I love Jax. And motorcycle gangs. And when Jax hold his baby. 


9. We just started watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, with no knowledge whatsoever about what the premise was, except that everyone says it's funny. The pilot was funny and weird, but, in typical pilot fashion, it was a tiny bit... overdone. Or corny. We'll see what the next few are like.

10. If you've seen Easy A, you'll recall the scene where Olive hates the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine," but after listening to it several times she has a change of heart. This is me and "Uptown Funk." I want to hate it, and I tried to hate it, but I can't. Plus Sawyer always busts out his baby dance moves on, which pretty great. 


  1. That Pinterest essay made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

  2. Sergio and I finished Season 1 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I liked it but sometimes it was pretty overdone like you said. I liked her then I hated her because she was annoying. That's how I felt about most of the characters. Either way, we were hooked and kept watching. If Season 2 comes out, we will probably watch that too. lol

  3. ok - that washi tape link just made my "craft-to-do" list a whole lot longer!! Awesome ideas there!! Yikes!!

  4. My daughter loves Sons of Anarchy....I haven't watched it yet....

  5. Kondo's book changed my life. My husband gave it to me for Christmas, I read it in a few days and we did a HUGE purge, like I actually, finally got rid of my most of my closet. We still have some areas to do, but t definitely makes me look at things I purchase differently and let's me get rid of things a lot easier.

    I quite enjoyed Kimmy Schmidt, but my husband gave up after a few episodes. It's definitely quirky, but I laughed a lot so there's that.

  6. I love washi too! I keep buying it and have no idea how I'm ever going to use it all.

    I really want to start watching Sons of Anarchy but the hubby doesn't want to which means I'd have to watch on a laptop or ipad. And that's not appealing.