Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I wore this on Monday:

2. My (male) friends the other day made a comment about how girls "cry to reset." I thought this was interesting. He, of course, as most males are, baffled by female tears. I'm not sure if it's always true, anyway, but I do think that this was an interesting way to describe catharsis.

3. My son has two ear infections, is teething, and a slight fever he can't quite shake. What does this mean? Twice daily antibiotics (for the first time in his little life- I guess we made it to a year!), frequent Tylenol, a few rough nights, and a tough of clingy-ness. Thank goodness his daycare provider has agreed to still take him, since he's in a good mood and isn't contagious. JUST GROW YOUR TEETH AND STOP GETTING SICK.

4. My good friend's baby shower was last weekend and I decided to get her something instead of the baby (well, I did get the baby some pajamas, since we all know how much I love those little footie sleepers). I'm not going to say what I stuffed the box with, but it's full of things a new, tired, hormonal, frustrated, lonely new mom might want. It came with strict instructions to not open until her first meltdown. Babies get enough presents.

5. Yesterday I played in the staff versus senior (as in those about to graduate high school, not geriatrics) softball game and had a blast. I had not-so-quietly tried to get my name off the roster, for fear of public humiliation (I played ball for nine years, but it's been well over a decade since I've picked up a bat or even played catch). It came back to me, although my throw was nothing to write home about. I hit two singles, flew out twice, and fielded a few balls. No strike outs, so face-plants, no being booed. I do have very sore legs today, since I'm not used to sprinting (and I didn't stretch... I never used to...). I wish we could play every month.

[we were between innings, I promise]

6. I'm slightly obsessed with making homemade ice cream maker. I have the attachment bowl for my Kitchenaid and am armed and ready with about a million flavor combos.

7. Today wasn't the best day. I had to make a judgement call that I partially regret but ultimately feel was for the best. I got some bad news about someone I don't want bad things to happen to. I had to fight a fire that I didn't feel was my fire to fight. Nothing catastrophic to me personally, but still. And it's only Wednesday. 

8. I'm currently reading To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris and thought it was pretty hilarious for the first fifty or so pages, but not that I'm about 100 pages in I'm starting to get bogged down by some of the long religious-based passages (despite the main character being an atheist). I don't give up on books, but I do end up slowing down, which I see happening. This is disappointing, considering how much I read last month.

9. That moment of relief when you find your keys is deserves it's own word.

10. Sawyer had been really into "reading" in the car lately. He takes one of his board books and turns the pages and talks very quietly. I know this means absolutely nothing, besides he knows what books are for, but it's still very cute. 



  1. I LOVE the Vader shirt. Jealous.

    This week I have been having a lot of bookish thoughts (HA what else is new), but I have been thinking most about how I found time to read with a newborn in the house. The surprising thing was that I ended up finding more time to read than ever before. It was kind of amazing.

    Happy Thursday to you'll!

  2. PS Crap! Somehow my link got added twice? No idea how that happened, but sorry. I don't seem to be able to delete the second one from my end anymore...

  3. 2. I cry to reset. It's a good description.
    4. I did a similar thing for my friends (but only after I'd had babies and knew what new mothers really needed!)

  4. I love the anecdote about Sawyer reading in the car. You're raising s new book lover.
    I finished a book that I wasn't completely invested in. It's really a text of wills when that happens. I get really tempted to skim.

  5. I REALLY love that baby shower idea! Going to have to replicate for my next friend that gets pregnant!

  6. Hallo, Hallo! :)

    I finally completed my first entry for 10 Bookish & Not So Bookish Thoughts! I started to use the tag on Twitter I remember talking to you about last year as well. I'm hoping to make this a weekly appearance -- I linked this on the 7th rather than the 14th on the level most of the post was written on the 7th even if I'm backblogging it on the 19th! lol Thanks for starting such a lovely feature for bloggers!

  7. I am SO curious what you put in that baby shower gift box! What a great idea though. I will have to keep that in mind for future baby showers -- as soon as I can think coherently enough to figure out what would be good to put in it!