Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Today is my first day of summer break and it has been uneventful, but nice enough. Errands, laundry, Duplos, and reading, basically.

2. I'm currently reading Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood, Bones & Butter as a part of my obsession with restaurant and chef memoirs (I just finished Yes, Chef, which was fascinating). Hamilton has an MFA, so she actually wrote the book, which is nice. My new reading trend has definitely made me excited to get a little more involved in the kitchen this summer, now that I will have more time.

3. I'm going to start a petition to outlaw all emojis; emoticons in the shape of :)   :( and ;) are still allowed, but other than that, no more. Nails on a chalkboard. I'm sorry. I know a lot of people love them A LOT and get super excited when more are released. If it tells you anything I have only used "LOL" once in my life (and ironically, of course).  Just say "black Santa has heart eyes and cycles on a skyscraper with palm trees," don't send me the stupid little pictures. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't care. At all. Not even a little. Emojis can die. 

[the best infographic I have ever seen in my life]

4. You know what? Stop saying "yummy" too. Unless you're three. 

I'll now quit complaining about standard, socially-accepted things that nice folks do.

5. My calendar for the next week is filling up fast, which was so not my intent (I just can't help it). Breakfast with a friend. Lunch with a friend. A visit with a friend. Coffee with an old student. A blood draw for life insurance. Swim lessons. A bank appointment. Yoga at an actual studio. 

Confession: being at least a little busy makes me happy. 

6. Another confession: I am so listening to Holly Madison's Playboy Mansion tell-all that comes out in a few weeks. I like to listen to thing I wouldn't read, are entertaining, and are nonfiction, so this fits the bill. Plus, I watched The Girls Next Door in high school (or college?), so I can't help to be interested. Is she really as stupid as she appears? I hope! 

7. My husband redid his office/spare room space and took all of his graphic novels off our main book shelves. He emptied out over a shelf, meaning I obviously need to buy more books. 

8. My kid is finally growing a head of hair. And is pulling himself up on everything he can and walking around furniture. He's also understanding simple directions ("put the ball in the cup"). One of the physical therapists that works with him said that he's actually ahead in a lot of his social skills, which is nice, since they usually just make me feel like he's behind, since he's not walking yet.

9. I pretty much don't give two shits about most movies that come out, but I'm pretty excited for Jurassic Park.

10. I made these yesterday, a much more simplified version of Joy the Baker's (she melted peanut butter, used bananas, and fried up some bacon). It was super simple- a small scoop of ice cream (the possibilities are endless!) between two Ritz crackers, freeze for an hour, dip half in melted chocolate (I used the ones that you can buy at Michael's for candy making), sprinkle with some sea salt (or sprinkles), and refreeze for another hour.   


  1. Great infographic. Full disclosure: I'm going to steal it.
    I am not into the Jurassic movies. I never watched Jurassic Park. I might be the only movie goer who hasn't read it and I'm fine with that. If you have to delete this comment now, I totally understand :-)

  2. I sometimes use emoticons. Mostly ironically. Mostly to deliberately make friends laugh i.e by using eleventy million of them in one text message or to create the events of the night before. That's creative so I'll stand by it.

  3. I completely agree with you about the emojis. For me, it takes longer to figure out which emoji accurately describes what I want to say that to just write what I wanted to say in the first place.

  4. Those Ritz things look deelish and easy, my two requirements! Have you seen Jurassic World and what did you think? We saw it yesterday, and I'd love your take!

  5. I will remember to refrain from using emoticons when ever I comment on your instagram pics ;) And so making those ritz dessert bites!! Dare I say, YUMMY!?