Print Shopping

A few years ago we put up some awesome floating shelves from Pottery Barn that I had some really great intentions of creating a mini-gallery wall on (back when I didn't have a kid and spent too much time on Pinterest). 

Cool prints! Different sizes! Black frames! Yeah! So eclectic. So cool.

Let me back up. First, we bought the shelves, then we let them sit in the extra bedroom for, like,  eight months. Then we tried to put them up, but because we aren't really the DIY-type, we used Command Strips. Lots and lots of Command Strips to hang expensive, heavy shelves. Well, guess what?

It worked. I ordered four or five prints and put them up (fine, one I didn't have a frame for until last month, but whatever). It looked okay. Maybe a little sparse, but whatever. 

And then the bastards fell. Why? Oh yeah. Because we used fucking Command Strips on three-foot solid wood shelves. 

My husband then decided to put them up the "right" way and succeeded. So, they've been up for awhile, nice and sturdy... and underwhelming.

So, I need more prints. Here are some that I've been eye-balling (mostly from Society 6, since they're awesome):

[source; tip: sometimes I find cool greeting cards, like this, and frame them]
[source; maybe cut in half for a tiny print]
[a nod to our SF Giants; source]
[source; Wes Anderson's characters]


  1. Love the second one! I went on a photo hanging/wall art binge right before my son was born actually. I had a shit ton of frames sitting around collecting dust and I just knew if I didn't get them up before the kid came it was going to be forever until I got around to it.

  2. I love that last print with all the faces. Great conversation piece. I would ask lots of questions if I saw that on living room wall.

  3. I love the fish and the trees! They are my favorite. :)

  4. Love the trees! I have a painting of some aspen trees in my office, so I'm all about some trees.

  5. I ADORE that goldfish one and the jar with the world inside!!