Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. At some point in my life I convinced myself that burritos were healthy, including how I order them from Del Taco or Taco Bell: beans and cheese, no sauce, no onions, add sour cream. They're definitely not the worst fast food menu item, but the cheese and tortilla especially are total fat monsters. Nonetheless, I somehow think that having one is totally fine. Just like how I'm in denial about Chipotle being high-cal.

2. Hey! Speaking of high in calories, check out the awesome new Blizzard at Dairy Queen I need to go get:

3. I need someone to please make an app that runs in the background of an iPhone that tracks everything you do, and, most importantly, for how long. I've been looking for a good one for ages and can't. Does someone know how to do this? Let's go into business together, asap. 

4. There's this huge, ugly, dry sort of valley/basin area between the development we live in and the one right next to us and they're turning it into a million houses and a 90,000 square foot (I think that's the right number) shopping center. I'm really, really opposed to the traffic and influx of people this will bring to the area (like to my Target up the road and to Trader Joe's), but it seems like the city has given the green light. I'll just sit up on perch up the hill and glare every time I pass by. But seriously, where will all the animals go? How does this impact the water supply? 

5. I just finished listening to the WTF with Marc Maron podcast President Obama did while he was in Southern California last week and really thought it was interesting. I know that we can't all be bleeding-heart liberals like myself, but he raises some really interesting points about where the country is  now, compared to four (or eight!) years ago and how his job as POTUS is to make small changes that will lead to something bigger someday. People don't always understand that a two-degree course change will make a difference, but your destination will be in the end. I think that really resonated with me on a personal level, as well. Plus it's just amusing to think that the interview took place in a guy's garage.  

6. I'm trying to find a good book on childhood linguistics, just to read for fun. Recommendations?

7. Yesterday was the first good visit Sawyer has had at PT for a long time. Like I've mentioned before, his torticollis is basically gone, but they won't exit him until he walks, just to make sure everything is aligned properly. Well, at nearly fourteen months, he hasn't been that into walking, since he's a little speed demon crawling. He's been pulling himself up and cruising around furniture for over a month, but hasn't liked to push around walkers or anything... until two days ago. He spent the entire session on his feet and didn't cry at all. The balloon they had in the room may have helped. 

8. Scott and I are attempting to play LEGO Jurassic Park together, which may or may not lead to divorce (we go through all this hard stuff together during the last decade and make it, but then BOOM! A videogame ruins it all). I'm kidding, of course, but I have a really hard time working cooperatively with people, and this is no exception. I guess this is a cheaper alternative to marriage counseling, not that we necessarily need it, but you-know-what-I-mean. 

9. I have a dentist appointment coming up and as I was flossing my teeth last night it occurred to me that even at 31 years old I still need validation from the hygienist that I care exceptionally well for my teeth. 

10. Just take down your confederate flags! Jesus Christ. I don't want to hear the crap about tradition, or the South, or freedom of speech or whatever. They represent one of the darkest times in American history and are a total slap in the face of African Americans. They're disrespectful, archaic, and racist. I can't believe this conversation is just now happening. And it's by no means a solution to today's issues of race, but still, it's something that's long-overdue. It would be like keeping up signs that say "White's Only"- absolutely unacceptable. 


  1. Um that blizzard looks amazing. I also loved the POTUS's interview and yes, confederate flags, literal WTF

  2. It's amazing how much of an expert I am in convincing myself that some foods are good for me. When I start calorie counting, it depresses me how much the things I like really are. it always surprises me how much calories are in 2 tablespoons of oil and how everything I "sauté" really needs about 4 to 6 tbsp or how much calories in dressing when they're the best part about some salads.
    The struggle is real.

  3. My husband and I just got Lego Jurassic Park to play! I can't wait! (I am sure arguing will ensue with us as well.) The movie was GREAT and I already want to see it again! I agree about the flag thing too. Just take them down already and be done with it. Come on people, use your brains! This shouldn't even be an argument, they should just be taken down. Ugh.

  4. Am I the only one who is not the least bit tempted by DQ's new Blizzard?