Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. This little person handled his shots like a champ today. No tears! Plus he was nice to the doctor, so that was a welcome change.

2. I CANNOT stop listening to this song. I don't care who thinks it's stupid, it's on repeat constantly. 

3. To help me regain some credibility, it's actually alternating between this song, which makes me wonder why I don't listen to more Beck. Nonetheless, I'm psyched for the album that this will be on:

4. I have the novel Lila by Marilyn Robinson but learned that her books Gilead and Home are actually set in the same city prior to the one I have, so I just ordered the other two. I enjoyed Housekeeping and hope I like these three as much, since I'll have basically committed to the series that's not a series.

5. It's a three-day weekend! Yes! It's actually made this week feel ten times slower, but it'll be worth it. I'm supposed to meet up with a friend or two but other than that nothing too serious. We might head out to a local fair in the town over, since I'm pretty sure it will be a lot more "fair-like" than the OC one (this one is Norco, for local folks. I suspect there will be some legit cowboy boots). I'm also planning to get in some serious pool time, since I'm thinking (probably naively, since it's only September) that my weekends of warmth are limited. 

6. I have had my arm twisted into buying one of Pampered Chef's Deep Covered Baking dishes, under the assumption that it is "magical" and can basically make an awesome dinner for me. It's pretty pricey, so it better be all that and more.

7. The adulting just won't end. In the last three or four months I've done life insurance, college fund set-up, refinancing, solar panels, an HOA and loan application for the panels, and now I have to provide all of these documents that I don't technically have on hand for a health insurance audit at work AND we're buying a new fridge that has to extensively be researched (of course). I know I'm lucky to have access to all of these things, but my god, it's just so boring sometimes.

8. I listed to Lianne Moriarty's Big Little Lies on audiobook over the course of a couple of weeks and it was the perfect listen; it was fun, didn't require my full attention, the lady reading it was absolutely perfect, and it kept me interested. It's not the type of book I'd read, but it was perfect for commuting home. And seriously- I just saw a "blond bob" hustle her kids into a mini-van on my walk around the neighborhood a bit ago.

9. My students are all in a slight tizzy about the new Macbeth movie, which I'm happy doesn't come out until after we're done studying it (we're on Act 2 right now and it isn't released until December). It looks creepy, but good.

10. I've asked before, but I'll try again: does anyone know a legit way to scrub your twitter feed? I'd like to unlock it, but I ultimately know that students will find it and I don't want anything I mentioned years ago public. Not that there's anything bad, I just don't want the past lurking around.


  1. Oh, loved BIG LITTLE LIES on audio as well. The narrator was great!

  2. lol I love that you mentioned the new Macbeth film because I also mentioned it in my list this week! Have a wonderful long weekend :)

  3. Hahah I'm obsessed with Downtown as well! #NoShame :)

  4. As for me: I haven't even heard of the new Macbeth film. Which cave am I living in?
    Yay for little troopers getting their shots and being nice to doctors ;)

  5. Haha, I just downloaded Downtown last night. I love Macklemore - no shame in that! Big Little Lies is on my list to read for book club next month, but maybe I'll listen to it instead...

  6. My kids have had up and downs with the doctor, very similar ones. When they were little it was fine. From ages 2-4 they would not speak to the doctor, not a word, nothing. This made things like reading the eye chart a whole bunch of fun.

    Adulting...just no more, please. I've had enough.

  7. I've heard such great things about Marilynne Robinson but I still haven't got round to her books yet. Maybe 2016 will finally be the year that I'll read one of her books? Also I love that you and Lianne both talked about the Macbeth film in your posts! Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays and I've been excited about the film for ages. Very randomly I also got to met the director's first cousin once removed while I was on holiday last week. My brother thinks it's completely lame how happy I am about this :D