Top Ten Tuesday- What Scares Me


This week The Broke and the Bookish are giving us a freebie week, which I sometimes like to go in a different direction for. I've been having a lot of nightmares lately, so I thought I'd dig deep and look at some of the things that scare. me. I also ordered my kid's Halloween costume today, so I have scary things on the brain, I guess!

There are all legitimate fears, but I readily admit that some are more ridiculous than others. My job is to entertain... or something like that.

1. Ferrets- Once I had a dream that my grandparents' house flooded and while I was floating through the hallways on my boat a ferret jumped out of the water and bit my arm and would not let go. Except it was all white and was called an Albino Sea Panda (but it was a ferret). I could not get the effing thing off my arm and am not terrified of ferrets. This is also the most vivid dream I have ever had in my laugh and truly the only one that I can remember clearly (it was was probably ten years ago). Once I was at a fabric store and there was a ferret outside and I could not walk past it.

2. Economic demise- I know this is such a douchebag thing for someone who enjoys fairly stable, comfortable (not luxurious, though, don't misunderstand) lifestyle. That being said, I grew up in a house that suffered from financial instability my entire life. Cars repossessed, bill collectors calling, never having cool clothes like everyone else, and all that jazz. It could have been a million times worse (we were still very fortunate by most of the world's standards), but I was constantly worried that we would be homeless (we never were). Because of this I am extremely financially conservative and basically hoard my money. Once in awhile I do make a crazy purchase (here's looking at you Frye boots), but otherwise I buy generic butter and save my Amazon points for Christmas shopping.

3. Earthquakes- You can't predict the stupid bastards and they have the potential to ruin your home, kill your loved ones, and cause chunks of states to go floating off into oceans. 

4. Something bad happening to Sawyer- The thought is so unbearable that I won't even get into it. I'm not the type of mom that freaks out when he bumps his head, but let just say when I discovered enlarged lymph nodes early in the summer I spent many hours freaking out in private  (he's fine now). 

5. Running out of room for my books- I am very particular about furniture and decorating and worry about what I will do when this day comes (not get an ereader, thanks).

6. Home-invasion robberies- One time a few years ago our security alarm went off in the middle of the night and I instantly called the police and tried to convince my husband to barricade our bedroom (a sensor fell off a window). The other night Sawyer's baby monitor got disconnected and I instantly thought, awoken from a deep sleep around one in the morning, that there were intruders in our home that purposefully unplugged it. Only this time I ran around the house and checked for the assholes so I could strangle them with my bare hands for going into my child's room.

7. Losing my pictures- For someone who can feel her heart racing at the thought of losing her memories being gone forever, I should probably back them up more often. My parents' home burned down when my mom was pregnant with me, and I heard way too many stories about losing mementoes. 

8. Having another kid. Or not having another kid- Seriously. What should I do? Have another kid and have to be fat, and then tired, all over again, or let my kid be alone? My thoughts change every single day. 

9. Having my head covered- I am a smidge claustrophobic, so having my head covered with a blanket or anything else freaks me the hell out. Once in Hawaii we were hiking up to a volcano and had to go through these tunnels that became congested because of the crowds. I thought I was going to die. 
10. Losing my Fitbit- A few months ago my Fitbit fell off in a parking lot while I was putting Sawyer in the car. I was very upset once I realized it!  Luckily I had an epiphany and drove back two hours later and it was still there. It tells me when to wake up, when to get it together and lose weight, and how much I've moved my butt. I need it. Neeeeeed it. 

So now most of you know more about me than my mother. Throw me a bone. What scares the crap out of you?


  1. I love that the ferret was an Albino Sea Panda in your dream. How do our minds even come up with this stuff? I remember my dreams far too often though, so I guess the weird but good ones have outweighed the weird but bad ones lol. As for my fears? I'm afraid of admitting my fears on the internet, haha. Seriously though I'm also terrified of losing my pictures. I'm far too nostalgic to be able to handle that! And I've always been grateful to live in a place where we get hurricanes rather than earthquakes or tornadoes. I've always been especially freaked out by tornadoes for some reason. Here's my TTT :-)

  2. Hahaha! Oh no! I used to have ferrets and I loved them... except for their stinkiness. Robberies scare me too, especially after waking up one morning to find that someone had come into my apartment during the night and stolen a few things. That was when I learned that my dog was an absolutely useless guard dog! Great topic this week! :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

  3. What a great topic! I wish I had though of it. :-) I am glad Sawyer is okay. I understand the worry of a mother as I have a little girl of my own. I cannot imagine though what you must have gone through this summer. A home invasion robbery is a very real fear of mine too. The year I was pregnant with my daughter, someone had broken into our house (not the one we live in now) while we weren't home. The animals were though and my poor dog was never the same after. If that hadn't been scary enough, almost exactly a month after that, I was home alone with just weeks before the baby was due, and someone tried to break into the house by kicking in the door. All of this in broad daylight. Fortunately I was able to scare them away by screaming that I had called the police (which I did). I still have nightmares of home invasions and am constantly checking the locks, making sure my alarm is on even if I'm home, and looking over my shoulder. I had panic attacks as a result too, although haven't had one in awhile now, thank goodness.

  4. #8 - I struggle with this everyday too. I'm 99% confident that I want my son to grow up with a sibling, but I also don't want to have to go through all the shit to get to that point. This is why I originally just wanted twins from the get-go. I'm deathly afraid of bugs and spiders. I could never live in a tropical climate or somewhere like Texas. I'm grateful for our freezing winters where all our creepy-crawlies get frozen off, ha! I'm also afraid of dying early, like before my son is done growing up.

  5. That ferret looks...pretty scary O_O

    Glad to hear that Sawyer is okay! Losing my pictures, especially of my travels, would absolutely gut me; I have a bajillion back-ups as a result of my fear of losing them. As for #5, hehe, I seem to face it on an almost daily basis these days...

  6. So.... your title picture up there? Totally gonna give me nightmares ;) My TTT

  7. This reminded me of a book I read earlier this year called "What Should We Be Worried About?" It was basically a series of essays written by people with many different backgrounds describing and debating what issues are really "worth" being afraid of.

    One thing that I'm afraid of is the idea of losing the stories that I've written. I've had that happen to me a few times when my things got damaged in storage while moving or I had a hard drive malfunction. Now I'm always sure to make lots of backups, but the fear is still there.

  8. That ferret picture is super creepy!! What are amazon points? I need to earn those!! :)

  9. I'm with you on #2 for the same reasons. Bill collectors are the worst. I enjoy shopping but I'm a quality over quantity kinda gal.

  10. #2 is one of my worst nightmares. I think because I grew up that way (like we made tomato soup out of free ketchup packets), it's one of my greatest fears for my sons. Even though I have a decent career in a stable job, I can't help but worry (the pay is not great, but librarians ftw).

    #8 If you think about it, I say do it. If you knew you never wanted another, you'd be certain (I'd like to think, I'm not a good source though, as I struggled with the same thing - but I did go for it, and he's the funniest little monster ever).