Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Sawyer graduated from PT today! He originally was in for a mild case of torticollis but ended up being a tiny bit delayed on all of his gross-motor milestones, but now that he's walking we're cleared to stop going. I'm mostly glad, since the visits were always hard to make after work and daycare, but it was nice to have a professional sounding board when it came to my kid.

2. Make these, guys:

3. I'm not the only person that is extremely reluctant to throw away earrings that have lost their mate, right? There's always that hope that the other will show up.

4. I consider myself a bit of a Diet Coke drinking expert, so I was very disappointed in myself when I stupidly left a twelve pack in my car, in the heat. Luckily (?) only three exploded (RIP), but I should have known better! They were in the way back by themselves and didn't stain anything, but my car still smells faintly of wet cardboard.

5. I just finished TC Boyle's San Miguel and was a little disappointed in the third and final section of the book. It was still a very good, of course, but I just thought it fell a little short. His picture in the back is amusing:

6. Penguin just sent me their 200th anniversary edition of Emma and I the cover was pretty great. 

7. The weather has been manageable lately so I've been killing it (for me) with exercise. I even got to go to a yoga class last Saturday and have decided to try to go weekly from now on. I know it's going to get hot again, but eventually it will cool down for a few months and I can keep with my daily sessions. 

8. At yoga, the sub (who I like better) for the normal teacher is recovering from colon cancer and it really made me angry. This young woman has taken such great care of herself, inside and out, and she's gifted with cancer? Seriously? She drinks kombucha and eats kale salads. She does yoga daily and says nice things to people. I know we have to file things like this under "life's not fair," but still.

9. I read recently that they're making the movie for The Girl on the Train set in American instead of the UK. I'm trying to decide how I feel about it, but mostly I just think it's another example of how Americans are so egocentric.

10. I have no idea who or what the Coffee Party is, but I saw someone else "like" this on Facebook, so I lifted it because it's pretty great:


  1. 4. That happened to me once. Unfortunately it wasn't contained and the car interior bore Coke stains forever.
    6. Very nice.
    8. One thing I've learnt on my return to study is this: genetics can suck.
    9. I was a bit miffed to hear that the movie of The Rosie Project was going to be set in America... I had been looking forward to camera crews on campus (University of Melbourne - and in the genetics department!).

  2. Uhhhhmmm that cookie/s'more/sandwich thing you made looks AMAZING. *drool*

  3. 4. I used to horde 12 packs of diet coke in the trunk of my car throughout college. I had the opposite problem though: cans explode in extreme cold. One day I was driving through a not-so-nice neighborhood in the dead of winter and some cans popped! It startled me so so badly because I thought it was gun shots. Yay ghetto winter

    8. That's just not fair. I shall rage with you.

  4. #2 looks amazing :)

    #3 really sucks, I usually hang on to my pair-less pieces in the hope of the other showing up (or I end up buying another pair like I did that one time)

    Wow, that book cover for the 200th anniversary edition of Emma is lovely =D

  5. #2 has been in my food fantasies since I saw it on Instagram.

  6. For the record, leaving a can of pop in the freezer also makes a huge mess. Don't try it. What?! They're changing the location of The Girl on the Train? Why? I think that's a horrible idea. Boo. (I hate when they do that with movies - make British stories American or vice versa).