Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. When the hell did they start putting calories on wine? What? No. I can't not look, so knowing that a glass is like 180 calories (I'm not even going to look what a true serving size is) takes so much fun out of things.

2. I'm curious to read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalinithi but I'm worried that it may be a bit too depressing for me at this moment. I have no problem with depressing fiction, but depressing nonfiction can be a tougher pill to swallow.

3. My hands are currently dyed a hue of various colors, since Sawyer and I tried the shaving cream egg dying technique. Sawyer's are bright blue and my husband said that he "looks like he murdered a handful of smurfs." TBD if it works. 

4. Yesterday Sawyer locked himself in the downstairs bathroom for the first time (I was literally five seconds behind him and he just haaaaaad to do it). The little key-thingy we have wouldn't work and his quick hysteria wasn't really conducive to listening to instructions about unlocking. I didn't panic, but I felt so bad for him. I called the neighbors, since they're pretty handy, but she didn't answer, all the while Sawyer's sobs became louder and louder. I didn't think my husband would answer, but luckily he did and reminded me about the whole credit card in the door jam trick, which worked. My little buddy sobbed and sobbed for a solid five minutes and then he (fine, we) were over it.

5. I'm finishing up Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family by Emily Ellis Nutt for book club tomorrow and I'll post more thoughts soon, but so far I think that perhaps Nutt didn't quite do the story justice. To be continued.

6. Our trip to Yosemite might be sadly canceled due to weather; the hotel has a strict seven-day cancelation policy so it's sort of a crap shoot with the storm that's headed in that direction next week. I am SO SO SO disappointed, and I hate that I have to practically be psychic, but the place we're staying is not cheap and I don't want to lose that kind of money.

7. Tomorrow are good ol' parent-teacher conferences. I tend to have a good turn out, but something tell me that my seniors aren't exactly going to be lining up tomorrow considering most have been accepted into college already and are eighteen.

8. Every time I read a story about a woman unexpectedly giving birth in a bathroom I'm so utterly and completely baffled. This particular girl was seventeen, but seriously, how do you now know? Is it not weird to you that all the sudden it feels like an alien is trying to rearrange your insides? I get that some people have screwed up periods and don't experience all the typical pregnancy symptoms, but the baby moving part just floors me.

9. I've been reading The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and it grows on me more and more each time. He's at the age where he gets frustrated easily when things don't go his way, so maybe he'll eventually connect the dots. 

10. I was at a wedding the other day and they kept making comments to the tune of "happy wife, happy life" and I have to say I hate that notion so much. I looked at my husband at one point and told him that he was "lucky he married a feminist." Both people should be happy, equally and together. Relationships aren't about high-maintenance, as the phrase indicates. 


  1. Haha about the smurfs comment in #3 but aww about Sawyer getting locked in at #4.

    Sorry to hear that your trip to Yosemite might be cancelled. That sucks when it happens so close to the date =/

    I definitely agree re: depressing nonfiction, it's just all around tough.

  2. Poor you and poor Sawyer! I donʻt know how I would keep my cool in that situation. Iʻm glad everyone is good and happy now, though.

    Sad to hear that your trip may be cancelled. Too bad the hotel doesnʻt have a better cancellation policy! You never know with the weather.

  3. 4. Always was my worst nightmare that the kids would be locked in a room/ the house without me (it never happened... and now they have their own keys!)
    8. I think that condition is called DENIAL.

  4. OMG, that being locked out reminds me of when my oldest, a preschooler, blithely shut the front door behind him, locking me out, while he jumped in with the carpool mom to enjoy his day. They took off. Meanwhile, my toddler was in the kitchen in the high chair. A frantic call, and half an hour husband was there with keys; I still have nightmares about it.

    Too bad about your trip...I live in those parts, and we're hearing about storms here, too.

    Cute photo of Sawyer!

    1. That was forty-some years ago, and I still think about it!

  5. When Breath Becomes Air was the book I originally wanted to pick for my online bookclub, but then I worried it would be too sad or scare people off, although it's a short book. Then I looked it up at the library and saw that the hold wait was like 375 people for 30 some copies!

    Oh man, that would be terrifying to have you kid locked in a room! One day I went out the front door to put the garbage out and I noticed when I came back in that the doorknob lock was actually still locked even though I had unlocked the deadbolt (I left the door wide open when I took the garbage out). ANYWAY...all I could think about was what would I have done if I had pulled the door closed behind me and was then locked out while Sully was inside?! Without a cell phone?! I'm always so careful now.

    Really hope you're able to still go on your trip!!

  6. I'm a little late linking up, but I've had a lot going on. Wine tasting on Friday and I know, I hate that wine has calories! 5 oz, which is an average glass is usually only 125 calories, not 180, so that's good news, right? :)

  7. Oh no, I really hope your trip didn't get cancelled! And poor Sawyer, I remember my brother having a similar experience when we were kids. It's very frightening for a child.

    And, yeah, I agree with Kate. I think women who say that they didn't know they're pregnant really did know deep down but they were just in denial.

  8. All good marriages have bad years and blah, blah, blah (I'm not saying anything people don't already know), but I learned the hard way that if your husband is miserable, the marriage is miserable. So I very much agree, both parties must find life fulfilling and agreeable if it's to be remotely happy.