Take 5

Lazy Sundays: pajamas for just a little bit longer than normal, cold cereal, Legos, ignoring the to-do list for just a tiny bit, and blog posts that are a smidge fluffy.

5 Things that I Wish I'd Do But Am Not
Listen to podcasts
Send out cute little notecards to people "just because"
Make healthy smoothies so we'd be consuming more veggies
Play board games with my husband
Do strength training besides a few planks here and there

5 Bad Foods for You that I Not-So-Secretly Love
Stove Top Stuffing
Spaghetti O's
Captain Crunch/Lucky Charms/Cocoa Puffs
Kraft Mac and Cheese
McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

5 Things that Make Me Irrationally Angry
Basketballs bouncing
Wet bathroom counters
People talking on cell phones in quiet public places
Dogs not picked up after on sidewalks
Thrown sippy cups by toddlers (ahem Sawyer, ahem)

5 Splurges I've Made (aka, hello tax return!)
The Traader Joe's $3.99 flower bouquet... every week
A dress from Anthro
Stumptown Cold Brew
A Better Life Bag
Having my wedding and engagement rings re-dipped

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To
Easter festivities (egg dying, bunny cake making, basket assembling)
Spring break in t-minus five days
Getting my hair done after way too long
Our upcoming trip to Yosemite
This Friday's minimum day when teachers leave when students do

5 Things I Need to Do... Like Yesterday
Grade. And then grade some more
Return an Amazon order before it's too late
Take a look at the household budget and do some math
Finish our book club book for Thursday
Get in a work out 

5 Places I Wish I Could Go Right This Damn Second
A hut overlooking the water in Fiji
The train museum in Sacramento with a certain choochoo-obsessed toddler
A cabin in the Adirondacks
The Broad and then lunch somewhere overpriced on the beach in Santa Monica
The Grand Canyon 

Lazy Sunday will turn into productive Sunday in 3....2...


  1. Ugh, thrown sippy cups is THE worst. And yogurt covered spoons. Basically, I feel your wrath.

    What's a Better Life bag?!

  2. I am not going to lie. All those guilty pleasure foods... they are delicious! :D

  3. OK - I want to go to Fiji too...please! Enjoy Spring Break...mine is already behind me...so sad.