Seven Things I Learned about RBG

I'll admit that I'm not exactly a Supreme Court expert and have limited knowledge of many of the justices. I have always been familiar with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, though, given my attempts to be a god feminist (I'm just going to call her RBG, which I always have to think about what order the initials go in, I think because of the KGB). I recently read Notorious RGB: The Life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik and became even more smitten. Here's a few things that I learned about our leading lady:

1. She can survive off of two or so hours of night a sleep, as long as she gets a few extra on the weekend (not fair!). And she makes no apologies about crashing at the State of the Union- it was the late and the wine with dinner had been good. 

2. Her marriage was admirable; her and Marty really put in a joint effort and resisted societal's expectations of gender roles. While both immersed in their careers in law, they shared the division of labor at home, nursed each other through illness, and seemed genuinely, and realistically, in love. Their unwavering support for each other is something we should all strive for. 

3. RBG suffered from cancer and, at the advice of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, scheduled chemo on Fridays, so that she could be ready for the bench on Mondays. 

4. This woman is a fine physical specimen. At the age of eighty-two  she still has a trainer and can do two sets of ten push ups (and not the "girl" ones, either).

5. Despite their opposing political views, RBG and Justice Antonin Scalia were friends, enjoying New Years Eves together and even shopping trips. 

6. Her jabot collection is extensive. I especially like those designated for dissents, which we all know she's pretty darn famous for. Apparently she found her favorite in a Banana Republic gift bag. 

7. RBG has a quirky sense of humor that allows her to make jabs at other justices for fantasy baseball leagues between clerks, embrace this cult-following that has memed the hell out of her, and wear her scrunchies with pride.  


  1. I already wanted to read a book about her but your bullet points have me even more intrigued!

  2. She sounds like a very interesting woman.

    PS: I had to Google the word jabot. Now #6 makes sense.