Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. There's an interesting difference between acknowledgement and validation.

2. I have a problem with the aggressive military recruitment of high school seniors.

3. Someday I'm going to do an experiment: I'm going to leave my curling iron or hair straightener on all day while I am home to prove to myself that nothing (I think...) will happen if it gets left plugged in on accident while I'm at work. While this is obviously not something I plan on doing on purpose, I hate myself every time I triple check that it's off in the morning.

4. Do you ever think someone is upset with you or mad at you all of the sudden and you have no clue why, so you keep replaying your last interaction with them over and over again? Yes? Me too. 

5. The other day I saw something about Machu Picchu online and texted my brother about hiking it (we've talked about it before). This is why I love him- without any hesitation he answered "is this a question?" I tossed out the year 2021, since that would give us plenty of time. I have no clue if this will happen, since it's quite the undertaking. I don't want to do one of the wimpy up in a day with a guide trips, but nor do I want to backpack for five days. I also know that acclimation can be an issue, as is timing since they're below the equator. Who knows. In the meantime it's fun to hope.

6. Follow Book Bento Box on Instagram. It's fun and pretty.

7. I've ordered two more books this week (three if you count the Scrabble dictionary I got for my classroom). I have a disease.

8. One of my best friends and I are probably going to drive together (with Sawyer) back to our hometown in the Central Valley in a little over a month. THAT is the sign of a good friend- someone willing to be trapped in a car for 350 miles with my two-year-old. She's the best. 

9. I assigned my seniors their "Dictionary of Self" (I need to think of a new title) assignment to do, based on Amy Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary. I always feel compelled to write one myself so that I have a model for years to come and because it seems sort of fun. The obvious problem is that I don't have time, but I'm also conflicted about what exactly I should write. It's meant to be authentic and fun, but I don't want to accidentally over share, if that makes sense. 

10. I got a pair of Tom's for $18 the other day- Zappos sent me a random $30 credit  out of nowhere. I was a Nordstrom about to wander into the shoe department and was checking my email, and there it was. Such timing, Zappos. Lucky for me, considering how much I had just shelled out for a bottle of foundation in my ever-present quest to look like I have the skin of a twenty-year-old again. 


  1. 1. Hmmm, yes. BUt the people who most need to understand the difference often don't...
    2. Is this a thing in the US?
    3. Here's a story - I grew up in a house where stuff was left on/ switched on when we were out ALL THE TIME. Nothing 'happened'. Ever. My husband's family was/ is complete opposite. They didn't even turn on the dishwasher if they were going out! So, in whose wall did a pipe randomly burst when everyone was away on a week-long holiday? You can guess. The moral of the story is this: don't be reckless but quit worrying.

  2. Oh, it's great to get unexpected cash or credit bonuses...I got a check the other day when I overpaid on an account(after paying it off).

    Wave when you go through the Central Valley area...I'm there!

    I do have a tendency to obsess over interactions, too...and rewrite those moments in life when we say or do something we didn't plan...

  3. 4. Oh boy..I could go on and on sister in law quit talking to me the day after Oscar and I got married. 9 years later and I don't know why...unless it's simply that he moved across the country for me. She should probably grow up.

    9. Check out scrapbooker Cathy Zielske - she did a project on the book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life years ago and I was lucky enough to attend one of her workshops to do my own. Loved it. She offers it now as a self-paced project. I know you have no time (nor do I) but it might help you get started if you really want to put one together.

  4. 4. All the time ;_;

    6. Thanks for the rec! Their photos are so pretty :)

    7. That's okay. I bought how many books in the last two weeks that yeah, maybe I need to bump my summer book buying ban up sooner...

    10. Nice! Like Laurel-Rain mentioned, unexpected cash/credit bonuses are always delightful (also instances where you save some money: I was at Starbucks the other day and bought some coffee frapps for my brother and myself. I didn't know happy hour had started again so I only had to pay for one. I was most pleased xD)

  5. 3. My friends laugh at me because I refuse to use the slow cooker on unless I will be home, because I'm convinced that it will burn down the house if I leave it plugged in when I go to work.
    6. Love this one!
    7. I don't see the problem.