Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Hey! Guess what? I'm a shitty blogger this month. Hey! Guess what? No one is paying me to do this nor am I offering life-or-death information, so in the whole scheme of things it probably doesn't really matter. But maybe it does, to me, a tiny bit. 

2. I had my annual check up the other day and the night before I had a nightmare I was pregnant. I am not, at all, not even a tiny bit, but for those first five minutes when I woke up I was pretty upset --> how I know that I should not consider having another child at this point. It's good to have the occasional reality check. 

3. The same day I went to this neat little coffee shop by my doctor's (they work with a homeless rescue mission to employ some of their students) to kill time after hemming and hawing because it's housed at a mega-church, particularly one that I do not agree with the messaging behind (let's talk about religion on another day). I felt seriously awkward about even driving into the parking lot, but I was pleased that they didn't make me feel uncomfortable and that I didn't burn alive. And the coffee was decent. 

4. I realized that the eighteenth anniversary of my dad's death is approaching in the next few days (I wrote about it a little here, several years ago). Eighteen years! It honestly hadn't occurred to me that it had been that long, but I guess after a certain point you stop counting the years. I know this sounds completely and utterly horrible, but the whole thing doesn't really make me sad. It's unfortunate, for sure, and I wish the circumstances of the last few years of his life had been different, but... I am a soulless monster who is practical to a fault and good at compartmentalizing? Who knows, maybe I will have a nervous breakdown in ten years and the psychologist entrusted with my care will determine it all comes back to this. Anyway, the whole point of this is just to show how FAST life can move, not to garner sympathy. 

5. Pro Tip: if you are having people over and your house isn't really, shall we say... clean, just shut the shades. This has been my go-to cleaning tip for the last few weeks and is working wonders. Suck on that, Pinterest.

6. I went to the Don DeLillo reading last week and it was great. I sort of meant to post about it and then forgot and just remembered again right now. Soon, soon.

7. I am reading The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzalez and it has failed me as a quick read. Or maybe my life as failed to let it be a quick read, due to the grading and and end-of-the-year madness. I think my problem has been the short chapters, which typically would ensure a speedy reading experience. I'm not getting super invested in any one character, since the narrative jumps around so much. I'm therefore not compelled to read quite as often, which results in my taking way too long to get through it. 

8. I just finished listening to Trespassing Across America by Ken Ilgunas (interesting take on someone walking the Keystone Pipeline) and am now onto Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath. Everything so far has been things I pretty much already know, but since I listen to it for part of the way home in the afternoon it's a good reminder to not eat my body weight in cookies for my snack. 

9. I ordered this from this cool Etsy shop in Poland ages ago and it finally came. I love it.

10. I find it amusing when people say that they "hate good byes." Who really likes to say good bye? I guess if you're saying good bye to someone you don't like that's one thing, but how often do we really get that opportunity? Obviously I am sadly anticipating the departure of my seniors next week...


  1. Mega-churches kinda freak me out, to be honest D':

  2. Yeah, I try to avoid churches...grew up with parents who were religious fanatics. Couldn't wait to escape.

    My father died 23 years ago...I just added it up after reading your anniversary remarks. It was a relief when he died...I guess I'm a soulless monster, too.

    I love your piece from the Etsy shop...gorgeous!

  3. That Etsy piece is really nice!!

    Churches and religion - I have developed a whole new perspective over the past couple years.

  4. It's really strange how time flies...last year was the 10th anniversary of my grandmother passing away and it just stunned me because there are days when it seems like it only happened a month or two ago and then you realise you had a decade of things happening/living moving on in between.

    Sorry to hear about The Regional Office is Under Attack! I can't remember if I had added it to my wishlist or not but the premise sounded interesting. That sucks when a book you think will make a perfect "light reading" turns out not to be the case...

  5. I love the Etsy piece! I have been meaning to decorate now that we bought a house... ;-)

  6. Also, for some reason the Linky is refusing my link. So if it does appear, I'm sorry for the multiple links!

  7. Ohhh that etsy thing is GORGEOUS. Is it like just a wall decoration? Is it wood? I LOVE IT SO STUNNING. And also yuuum coffee. And your cleaning methods sound great. XD My cleaning method is to not have anyone around so = problem solved. XD hehe

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  8. It has been almost exactly 11 years since my dad met a similar end. It's not something I'm sad over either (and I do wonder if I'm a heartless monster from time to time). It honestly does not seem like over a decade has gone by. It's not always something I think about, my kids actually bring it up more than I do (they ask about not having a grandfather from time to time).