Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[seriously the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever received in my life]

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1. Tomorrow my seniors, whom I have had for two (some three) years are checking out for the school year. I was already really, really sad about this, and then today they went and threw me a surprise thank-you celebration sort of thing that was so incredibly generous and thoughtful that now I want them to stay forever. It was so unexpected and sweet- one of the nicest gestures anyone has ever made in my direction. I am having a rough time with this and hope to get the excessive crying over with either before or after I see them tomorrow because I really don't want to do it in public. I am such an ugly crier, which, truth be told, I am actually doing right now because I am a sappy ball of mush who cannot keep her shit together. Last time this happened, when my previous group left, I was like a month post-partum so I blamed it on the hormones, but apparently this is JUST WHO I AM. OH MY GOD.  

2. I feel like people who have have the foresight to use sun shades in their car when they park really have their shit together.

3. Yes! There will be a summer reading suggestions post. Very soon.

4. I really want a pair of wooden sunglasses but am having a hard time finding a pair I like online. This is the sort of thing I get in my head that I really want and then become determined to make happen, though. I can tell already.

5. Yesterday I dropped my effing phone face down on the concrete and smashed the screen to pieces. Because I have a co-dependent relationship with a piece of technology I basically threw my child into the car and begged the repair place to stay open. And they did and we all lived happily ever after.

6. I have started bring my son to eat dinner when he is being picky by refusing to read another page of what I'm reading him that night. It works, but I know it won't for long so I'll enjoy it lasts.

7. The friend that I'm traveling up north with in a few weeks texted me the other day asking me what sort snacks I wanted. This will obviously work.

8. If you want to throw yourself a pity party invite these

We're cutting things short tonight. Things to do and whatnot. Have a great rest of the week! 


  1. I'm happy to hear that the phone-disaster had a happy ending. Every time I drop my phone (which happens way too often), I'm convinced it's gonna shatter into a million pieces.

  2. I've basically given up on having my phone in pristine condition. Ever since I got an iPhone 6 it's had cracks across the screen - haven't dropped it, it's just been damaged in my handbag. I hate it. As soon as my contract is done, I'm getting something smaller.

  3. Those are gorgeous flowers, and when you mentioned a trip up North, I got antsy. Wanting to travel a bit. I think I'm long overdue to go WAY up North to see my son and DIL at their new beachy home near the Oregon border.


    Knock wood...haven't smashed my iPhone yet, but I've dropped it...indoors, on carpeting.

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous, such summery colours.
    I've never smashed an Iphone...... yet, but I've been close!!!
    Have a nice week!

  5. I'm a super careful person with technology. I got my iPhone 4 in 2010 and used it all the way through the summer of 2015. It's still in pristine condition. I got the iPhone 6 last summer and smashed it in December (slipping on ice, phone went flying out of my hand, landing on the pavement). I got the last appointment of the night at the apple store. Totally worth it, but I was so mad at myself.

    Also, #8. There are four women working in the library I'm at, whenever one of us is having a shitty day, we bring those cookies.