May, Revisited, Plus Summer

Last month my goals for May were pretty simple. I wanted to:

1. Do more ab work
2. Finalize my June travel plans
3. Drink more iced tea (or water) at home, instead of Diet Coke
4. Enjoy the rest of the school year
5. Organize Sawyer's toys
6. Do some book related things (like a reading)

I'm pretty pleased to say that to varying degrees I accomplished all of these things, although some I was better at some than others. I had bribed myself with a new, prettier, FitBit if I followed through, but I have treated myself to far too many thing this past month, so I'm going to try to wait it out. Maybe I'll get one to make the transition back to work in a few months easier.

My summer goals are a little up-in-the-air at this point. I've been keeping a list of things I'd like to accomplish while I'm off for the past month and it's gotten excessively lengthy. Many of the things are fun (go to the beach, read a ton, do some yoga, see friends), but some not so much (take Sawyer to the dentist, organize the places I throw crap to make the rest of my house look presentable, etc...). I tend to get hung up on "being productive," so while I know a monstrous to-do list would make me happy, it would be my downfall as well. I always keep a daily to-do list, but that's different than one hanging over my head for nine weeks. 

More than anything, I'd like to get my house in good shape, focus more on fitness, take Sawyer to lots of cool places, hang out with the people I love, spend time on my hobbies, and put in some effort prepping for next school year, since I'll be teaching an IB class called TOK that I'm not really familiar with (in addition to junior IB English). More than anything, I don't want the end of summer to sneak up on me and feel like "what did I do with all the time????" but also like "I'm still so tired and need to relax." 

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