Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts- Tahoe Edition

[from my walk/hike the second day]

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1. I just got back from Lake Tahoe last night, so instead of doing a separate post I decided to just use this one. I went with a few colleagues for work for IB training and the specific workshop I attended with my good friend was focusing on something called the Extended Essay, which is a 4,000 word essay our kids write on pretty much anything they're interested in. It's an area of weakness at our site, so the two of us have been tasked with sort of revamping this part of the program.

2. I left on Saturday, after a very hectic day. I was supposed to leave for the airport at 10 in the morning to fly up with the others, but Sawyer wasn't feeling great and I had to take him to urgent care. It was one of those "you have to make the call RIGHT now" sort of situations and so I opted to take a later flight that left at four so I could get everything sorted out with him. We got him fixed up perfectly and he was completely fine by the time I left of the airport, so that really was the most important thing. My day of travel ended up much longer than originally planned, though, including a three-hour layover in Oakland and an hour drive from the Reno airport to Lake Tahoe in the pitch dark at 10:30 that night when I finally got arrived (I also had to pay for the rental since the district will only reimburse one car and obviously that goes to the people that made the correct flight). But, everyone was safe and happy so we'll call it a win. Plus I finally got to try Fenton's Creamery on my layover after hearing about it many times before from Bay Area friends.

[this was me, for hours]

3. The workshop itself is great- IB trainings are the best professional developments I've ever gone to. Our instructor was knowledgable, the other participants were smart and interesting, and it cleared up some questions we had. I love hearing about where people are from- at our table alone there was a teacher from The Cayman Islands, a teacher-librarian from a prestigious private school in Manhattan, and a woman from a small town close to where I grew up). 

4. It was also a little overwhelming- we have our work cut out for us (we are also taking over a new class, on top of this and teaching English, but I'm not thinking about that right now). But my philosophy is that as long as we are making improvements and setting a few attainable goals to focus on we are headed in the right direction.

[Lake Tahoe, from Tahoe City]

5. I have come to the conclusion that I am a good traveler [pats self on back]. I deal with roadblocks, I'm flexible, I enjoy taking in the local scene, and I am cool with letting others do their own thing. I stay positive and am always just thankful for an opportunity to get out of the area where I live. And I never panic about getting lost (go-go Google Maps!). Granted I'm probably a pain of the ass when I am actually home, but when I leave I'm your girl to hit the road with.

6. Between the two free afternoons I hiked/walked about twelve miles from the hotel where we stayed to Lake Tahoe and on part of the lake path. The first day I was with my friend and the second day I wanted to go back, so I went alone. Unfortunately, I didn't want to check baggage so I went without hiking or tennis shoes and did all of this in my Toms. My feet, whose shortcomings I think I've sufficiently bitched about before, were pissed. They made me pay dearly for this by yesterday afternoon, but it was worth it. There was no way I was going to Lake Tahoe and not taking advantage of the scenery.

[it's so ugly there, God]

7. I had a few hours in the evening on Sunday and Monday to myself and was able to finish The Girls by Emma Cline and start The Vacationers by Emma Straub (two very different books). 

8. I missed my home and family, of course, but I really did enjoy the brief time away. I slept better than I have slept since having Sawyer- no joke. I didn't have to vacuum, feed dogs, unload the dishwasher, change diapers, cook dinner, or do any other the other domestic tasks that I have to each day. I was able to sit down and read for an hour straight without being interrupted and was able to get through several meals without stopping to help someone else. I know this probably sounds self-indulgent to some, but I frankly don't care. I desperately needed a few days to myself and it was just what I needed to recharge. 

9. I think part of the reason why I was content to leave and be alone for three nights was because things were fine at home. Scott had Sawyer during the weekend and they had a blast going to the toy store and eating McDonalds and watching Zootopia. My mother-in-law came over Monday and Tuesday and the two of them got along like gangbusters. I left six or so pages of notes and was available all day to text. Everyone, and the house, stayed in one piece.  

10. Our trip back was a little long, since there was a bit of a storm going through parts of Nevada. Our flight from Las Vegas back home to Ontario (as in Ontario, California not Canada) was late to board and then we sat on the plane for quite a while (first because they were behind loading luggage because of the lightning and then because some sort of wind pocket was noticed as we were taxiing). Eventually we got home and Sawyer was so excited to see me, and I him. 

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I love Tahoe, but I haven't been there in a few years...not since the drought made everything ugly.