Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I will be done for the school year at approximately 9:30 Friday morning when I hand over my check out paperwork to the school secretary. I have a decent amount of stuff to do before then, but the fact that the end is close is good enough. I have a massage booked for a few hours, which therefore leads me to my next several points:

1a. I am totally lying to the daycare lady and telling her I have to work closer to my normal time. I feel like an absolute asshole every time I take off work and take Sawyer to her; like when I had an appointment in the middle of the day a few weeks ago I dropped him off and picked him up at the same time. She wouldn't care, or judge me, but apparently I am doing so enough for the both of us. 

1b. Lying makes me feel really, really guilty. Even just small lies like that, that don't really "matter" in the whole scheme of things. I really cannot comprehend people who lie super easily, and frequently. It's very unsettling. 

1c. Massages are super, super strange if you think about it. I am going pay an absolute stranger to touch my almost completely unclothed self. Actually, it sounds worse than strange. Yet this practice is something widely accepted, embraced, and sometimes even medicinally encouraged. I am still going. 

1d. Not only do I need a massage because I have been a partial wreck lately, but because I have been spending anywhere from 2-5 hours on Sawyer's floor at night. This is pretty much my fault; he wakes up only once at night for whatever reason and generally goes back to sleep once he hears me tell him he's fine and maybe pats him on the back. I then decide to stay to make sure he stays asleep (he always does). I then, in my sleepiness, promptly lay down on the floor and fall immediately asleep. I wake up tired, sore and cranky. It's a blast. 

2. My car is a filthy mess and I need to have it washed. The most logical and economical way to fix this would be to do it myself, but I've been having a serious energy shortage lately (see 1d above). I could take it to one of the fancy washes, but they take a long time. So, the other option would be the cheap gas station one, but guess what? I am sort of scared of humiliating myself in those because I am not an especially precise driver and am not sure if I can sufficiently line up my wheels in the little section you have to so in (obviously my lack of precision also applies to describing what you have to do, but I'm assuming you all know what I'm talking about). 

3. I ordered a water table for Sawyer and I have these high hopes that he will play with it for hours and hours this summer while I can sit in the sun and read. I mean who wouldn't want to stand on the concrete and pour water around? 

4. Tomorrow is our last book club meeting of the year and we are each coming with suggestions to vote for next year. I'm suggesting When Breath Becomes Air, The Turner House, The Sellout, and Love in the Time of Cholera. I also need to finish Euphoria for the meeting, which I hear has some pretty interesting sex scenes towards the end. We haven't dealt with many books with such "adult content," so I'm a little interested to see how the conversation goes. I'm definitely no prude (I mean within reason... it's not like  I have a whip or anything Fifty Shades of Gray crazy, for God's sake), but I know such topics make some people a little uneasy. 

5. I'm sure other bloggers can relate to the question "how long will this thing keep going?" I don't really have any plans to stop (minus a few overtired moments of considering eliminating necessary time sucks and unnecessary windows into my life for certain people), but it can't go on forever, right? 

6. I donated a very small amount of money to a certain political candidate's campaign (putting my money where my mouth is and all that, I guess) and let me tell you, HOLY EMAILS. I unleashed a monster of propaganda, some of which was on the guilt-trip nature. It definitely made me rethink my donation (but not my beliefs). 

Have a great week, folks!


  1. 1d) I guess it's too late to say 'Start out as you mean to continue', isn't it (on the basis that you prefer your bed to Sawyer's floor...)

    3. BEST investment for kids. BEST.

  2. Oh the lying - I"m sooooooo there with you on this one. I am THE worst liar (when I need to) and only for small similar type lies like yours...usually also related to guilt with Ethan as well. For example, maybe taking a mental health day but dropping him off at school...that may have happened.

    Ethan had a water table - he enjoyed it. Then the sun demolished the little umbrella, but he still played with it - when it wasn't a gazillion degrees outside.

    If you are referring to "Bookish...posts", then I hope they last close to forever, because they are truly my most favorite post of the week to read and write - and heck, sometimes they are the only post I write all week.

    Enjoy your massage!! It sounds fabulous!!

  3. I'm terrified of the drive-thru car washes. I've done it twice and both times I looked like a complete moron doing it lol. (The first time, I went into the drive-up, where they take your money, backwards. O.o) Also, it's kind of claustrophobicy inside and I don't usually have any problems with that. So I refuse to do them anymore.

    That's probably not helping you decide to do them though lol. Sorry!

  4. I'm terrified of the drive-through car wash things, I've never used one, I just leave my car in my parents drive way and hope my Dad will wash it for me haha!!
    Water tables are always a hit, my neighbours had one and the kids never left it alone!
    Have a nice week, and enjoy the massage! :)

  5. I have actually slid off the little grid thing at the car wash, and then worried that I had broken something under my car...LOL. I don't like them either, and my car looks like it. It's been a long while since it got a wash. I don't like the car washes, but we can't wash at home, because of the there you have it.

    Enjoy your summer!

  6. I feel the energy sap and also wondering how long I'll continue with the blog...I also don't want to stop but don't want to continue in the same way either.

  7. I wonder about #5 from time to time; as you mentioned, I'm sure it'll end one day, but right now I can't quite think of what would it be like when I'm not blogging anymore.

    I've been meaning to re-read all of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books (well, the ones I do own and have read, at least). Hope your book club chooses Love in the Time of Cholera! :)

  8. I love the DIY car washes, where you pay $2 for x amount of water, and another $2 to have soapy water. That way I can give the car a good scrub. Takes about 15 minutes and I think I use $8 in the end. I get a good workout from doing it :)