Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Hey folks! Link up, link back, say hi!

1. My son is obsessed with the Muppet's version of Bohemian Rhapsody. He often now sings my name when every he needs me ("MAMAAAAAAA"). I have listened to the song 48924757592429 times a day, though, and am almost at my breaking point. The thing is, though, is that I'm really appreciating how much singing and music are helping with language development, so... 

2. I just started Jonathan Franzen's Purity for book club, which meets early next week. It's over 500 pages and is supposedly pretty dense. Oops. I'm about 40 pages in right now am liking it, but I can see how it might get tedious. 

3. I took a strapless dress I bought from Anthro to the tailor today to have her add straps to by cutting an inch and a half off the bottom so that I can hopefully wear it to work. This seems like a pretty significant leap of faith on my part. I'm scared. 

4. I think we are going to head out on the train on Saturday to take Sawyer to San Juan Capistrano for a little while. The kid is obsessed with trains! I'm not sure what the game plan is right now in terms of what to do down there (we've gone to the petting zoo and I'm not sure if we'll be in the mood for the mission), but it'll be something different that three of us can do together and escape the area for a bit.

5. I think I'm going to write a post on politics, but in a sort of non-political way. Dare I go there? YES BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOG. 

6. Like everyone else and their mother, I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book but admit to feeling a little unmotivated to read it. I'll probably read it after Purity, but I don't have this overwhelming desire to at all. If it had been a novel I think I would have been more on board, but the play genre is part of what's hanging me up, I think.

7.  Who has a Keurig? Is there an sort of iced coffee options? Obviously I know you can put ice in your coffee, but, it seems cool to have a machine do the whole shebang for me.

8. I took Sawyer to UCLA last week and got him a hat and a magnet; he calls it "Eh!" which makes him sound like this little toddler from Minnesota or something and it's the cutest. 


  1. 1. Awww!

    2. Part of me wants to read it especially as it's going to be adapted to a tv show but part of me feels like I wouldn't get around to reading it for a very long time....Looking forward to reading your thougths on it afterwards!

    6. I finally added the latest HP book to my wishlist but watch me not get around to picking it up for the next few years...

  2. 2. I haven't read Purity yet but will... A friend who LOVES Franzen didn't like Purity and that's put me off a little. Seeing him speak a few months ago, I was swayed back in favour slightly, but I'm not rushing to read Purity.

    3. I do this kind of thing all the time - it will be fab.

    4. The train phase can last quite a long time for little boys - who says they have short attention spans?! My oldest two boys were obsessed and our Thomas the Tank collection is vast (and worth every cent).

    5. Good luck with that... ;-)

    6. Not me. Have never read Harry Potter. Zero interest (takes cover while the internet burns down).

  3. I'm curious to see how you like the Cursed Child. My husband and I are split!