Our Visit to UCLA

So much happens during college. You grow up, you meet people, you get hurt, you have fun, you get a better idea of what you want to do with your life, and you start developing a sense of independence. UCLA represents of of this, and more, to me. I started when I was seventeen and wanted to be a doctor, but was cured of that quickly after working for a vascular surgeon and sitting through 8 am chem classes. I briefly thought I might want to be a children's psychologist, but eventually I came to my senses and decided that I might as well pursue what I loved: reading and writing. So, I changed my major for the last time and spent three years fulfilling the requirements. Along the way I met my husband, was fortunate enough my work study job turned into a solid gig that lasted all four years, and walked away with plenty of student loans. I learned a lot about handling stress, managing money, and my need for stability. It was an important four years in many ways.

So, last week I took Sawyer up to visit for the first time. We had lunch with my old friend and boss who still works at the surgery center and then spent a few hours exploring the campus. He loved it and I can't wait to take him back. There aren't many cars, so it's a great place for him to run around and tire himself out. And boy did he ever- he slept for the two and a half hours it took us to get home in traffic. 

[The Gonda Vascular Center, at the Medical Plaza, where I worked for four years}

[Everyone's favorite cookie place in Westwood]

[Sawyer spent awhile climbing this]

[Bunche Hall]

[We spent a ton of time in the sculpture garden]

[college life... answers solved on a bulletin board]

[they were having a luncheon by the library, so it was hard to get good shots]

[Royce Hall]

[Sawyer walked miles and miles, but had enough energy for steps at the end]

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