Harry Potter Cross Stitch

I started cross stitching when I was maybe nine or so and have done it intermittently since then. I like the fact that I'm actually producing something (part of my problem with coloring and puzzles... no offense if that's your thing), but that I can still watch something with my husband (I can't just sit and watch TV). I worked on this over the summer and thought I'd share since pretty much everyone is at least slightly fond of Harry Potter (and now that it's delivered to it's new owner):

This pattern is available here on Etsy and took... a long time to do. But, I did it over the spread of ten or so weeks, so it never felt overwhelming. Plus since it's comprised of forty or so symbols, you quickly see progress, which is rewarding. I have another Star Wars Christmas one that I've been working on here and there for months, so once that is done and I start a new pattern I might post some sort of tutorial on here. What a thought. A crafty post from me. Ew.