Summer Break Reading Survey

This summer was probably one of the best ones to date. I saw pretty much all my local friends, visited with family, took Sawyer on many fun outings, spent time out of town on multiple occasions, went out with just my husband, and also had the opportunity to have some mornings to myself. I was also able to read a lot. I went back and took a look at my reading habits during the summer and sort of summarized the highlights.

Amount of books read: 16 (I was aiming for 14), reviews for June here, July here, and then the remaining two will be included in August, eventually 

Pages read: 4,733

Averages pages read a day: 72.8

Favorite reading spot: Lake Tahoe (I was there without my family for work, so it was QUIET), floating around my pool on my little raft, and while getting pedicures

Most common reading spot: The couch, when Sawyer was asleep or on the floor when he played with his cars

Favorite book read: This is hard; three-way tie between The Girls, Imagine Me Gone, and When Breath Becomes Air

Nonfiction:Fiction Ratio: 4:10

Male Writers:Female Writers Ratio: 7:7

Classics Read: 0 (I meant to reread Hamlet, but it didn't happen)

Books Bought: 7 for Sawyer, 1 for me  (I started the summer with 80+ physical copies to read, though, so I was on an unofficial book-buying ban)

Biggest Surprise: I liked Purity a lot more than I thought I was going to. I've heard things about Franzen and his writing, but I'll be ordering another one of his books soon. I also thought Lily and the Octopus had more to it than I anticipated. 

Audiobooks Situation: I listened to the Royal We for Brie's book club, and have started both AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller and After You by Jojo Moyes. My husband just signed me up for his Spotify account, though, so I've been listening to much more music than reading lately.

Biggest Disappointment: I thought Ways to Disappear fell flat.

Up Next: Speaking of disappointment, it's time for some Harry Potter. 


  1. 16 books sounds great for the summer, especially chasing a toddler around! And I must say it looks like even more when you stack them up like that.

  2. You had a great summer of reading! 16 books is amazing, especially when you consider how much you guys did outside of the house.