Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. You know it's summer when the Peach Tart gets made on repeat. It seriously only takes fifteen minutes to make and it's delicious. 

2. I have been loving the band The Head and the Heart lately. It was perfect for driving.

3. Listening the The Nest, by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, was also good listening material, once I got into it. I loathe starting new audiobooks because it takes me at least twenty minutes to get used to the narrator's voice, decide if I'm interested, etc... Fiction is even harder. Nonetheless, I was right in it being a book that I might not necessarily read but that would work out well on audio. 

4. I finished my latest cross stitching project, a sugar skull-esque Stormtrooper that took about three months to do. I know it's lazy, but I really like monochromatic patterns, or ones with big blocks of colors. Changing thread is such a pain when you're sitting on the couch (for once). My current plan is to just save all my favorite projects and then when I have ten or twelve to do a sort of gallery wall in our guest bedroom. So far, I have three, so at this rate it will take me about three more years. (I'm okay with that).

5. My MRI came back fine, which means that the problem is most likely  in the joint/bone, since it's not soft tissue, and I was referred to an orthopedist. Yesterday I told my husband I was going to "yoga the shit out of it" until my appointment, even thought I know it won't help that. 

6. I have been reading The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel and it's fascinating how someone can live for twenty-seven years alone (it's the true story of the "last" hermit). I have very conflicting feeling regarding solitude, as in sometimes it's all I want and others it's the last thing, so his desire to be so removed is truly interesting. 

7. The other day while I was finishing up the Stormtrooper while Sawyer was napping I watched like six TED Talks- post to come (I'm really just including this to motivate myself to do it).

8. My downstairs bathroom has been free of the diaper genie for quite some time, but the little potty is also gone now. This makes me so happy. 

9. Sawyer is really starting to get a handle on pronouns THANK GOD. He generally referred to himself in third person, which sure, is cute, but to an English teacher a little... not cute. I've been trying to gently point out uses of "me," "I," and "you" and it's finally paying off. 

10. I had an epiphany the other night (in the shower, of course) about the book I'd like to write but have been struggling with a little bit. I'm going to completely overhaul the narrator into someone that I think I can come at from a more organic angle. Now to prioritize writing more! 

11. Fun things are on the horizon- my mom comes for a few days, I'm going to a Roxane Gay reading with a friend, we have tickets for a local baseball game's fireworks show the Sunday before the 4th, and I need to pick dates for a trip to the Getty Museum, the beach, and a children's museum not far from us. The weather is unfortunately heating up, but that means the pool is going to be bearable super soon. 


  1. Hey!!!Not fair mentioning peach tart without a recipe!

  2. What's the recipe for this magical peach tart?

  3. I loved The Nest! I read it, of course. I don't have the situations that work for audiobooks. (No road trips alone; housework; long walks).

    Glad the MRI revealed things you can work on.

    The Roxane Gay reading sounds good.

  4. Your cross stitch is so beautiful!
    I am jealous of the potty training. I'm still struggling. I do remember the pronoun issues. Both my kids did third person, and then they thought "I" (for themselves) was "you" and "me" was for other people! Thankfully, they did both get out of it eventually, but it makes everything a bit confusing.