May Reviews

I am sitting on my couch with gym shorts on and no papers to grade in sight. It is summer break, guys! And man am I going to read the shit out of it. Unfortunately, in order to get to this point my reading lacked a bit in May. Nonetheless, here's what I got through:

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
320 pages
I think everyone has read this already, or is at least familiar with the premise, but if not, Cora is a slave who escapes plantation life and begins a challenging quest for freedom. Whitehead integrates a literal locomotive into the underground railroad, peppering his plot with some magical realism. 

Verdict: It took me a twenty or so pages to really get into it, but I thought the writing was rich, the characters deep, the plot paced perfectly, and the magical realism alluring. It will definitely be a contender on my top ten list and the end of the year. 

The other two books, By the Book (336 pages), and Spectacle (also 336 pages... weird), I just wrote about here for a nonfiction post. 

992 pages

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