Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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Today has been one of those days where a lot of little things have gone wrong and I'm just.... done. For example: today is my late day, so I don't get home until 5:30 (mind you I left the house before 7). I promptly dropped my heavy MacBook charger prong down on my big toe (all the expletives), busted it open and now possibly might have a broken toe, as the swelling, throbbing, and inability to bend it seem to indicate. Fine. FINE UNIVERSE. Then I went to urgent care after Sawyer was in bed for this annoying burning, slightly suffocating, feeling accompanied by an inconsistent cough that's left over from a cold I had over two weeks ago (this always happens when I get it lands in my chest- my asthmatic lungs can't hang) and they decided the only option was prednisone, which makes me crazy. Seriously. I won't be able to sleep and I end up so hyper-aware of everything that I'll be able to like hear my hair grow. I'll get a lot done and my lungs will feel better, but that stuff ruins me. Sleep? Ha! Unfortunately, the doc said it's really my only option unless I want to risk pneumonia. Thanks, sir. I arrived at the pharmacy as it was closing, so now I can't get my mania-inducing prescription until tomorrow. And so on and so forth. 

I'm done. So here we are. 

Let's just say I'm going to go eat a lot of Lucky Charms, ice my toe, read a little bit of What Happened by HRC and hit the hay. This too shall pass. 

I'll be back soon (possibly a lot if I have super fun prednisone insomnia). 


  1. Oh my goodness.. so sorry to hear about this.. I really hope you get better soon.. In the meantime, get lots of rest and tonnes of book therapy.. *sending you cake*

    - Shanu (

  2. Oh, that sucks! I know what you mean about prednisone, doesn't mix well with my body chemistry, either.

    Enjoy the reading...icing can feel pretty good.

    Take care!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. And I had taking prednisone too! I always feel like I'm Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk while I'm on it!

  4. I hope things improve for you soon. The Lucky Charms should help!

  5. Being sick as a mom (and a teacher) sucks - you never get a day off! I hope you can rest up some this weekend and feel better soon!