September Goals

For those who are new around here, I tend to start off each month with some goals (personal, professional, health, reading, social, etc...), just for public accountability purposes (and guaranteed post topic, duh). I opted for some broader ones over the summer, but now I'm back to the month-by-month schedule that I've done before.

September is shaping up to be a fun month. I hope to go to the Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point next weekend, have plans to go to a cooking class with a friend two weeks later, and I also want to head towards the orchards for some apple picking. And who knows what else! And here's what I'm attempting goal-wise for this month:

1. Prep for the week: In my ever-constant quest for the most efficient life ever, I want to work on doing a better job doing a few little things here and there to prep for the week on Sundays. 

2. Keep logging calories: This is absolutely the only way I can ever lose weight, and I'd like to drop a few pounds (nothing crazy, but after a long summer at home with full access to the fridge it's time to clean up shop). I started a few weeks ago and it's already proven to be successful, so I'd like to keep it up. I always take a cliched cheat day, but the other six I've been pretty diligent. I do everything on my Fitbit App, so at least it's streamlined with my exercise stats.

3. Organize book shelves: You know how it goes, you've gotten some books over the course of several months, and now it's time to shuffle things around so they all fit. 

4. Write down all personal expenditures: I try to do this a few times a year to just make myself aware of what my spending habits are and where I should make changes, if necessary. 

5. Get rid (donate or trash) of 100 things: I hate it when things accumulate. 

Have a lovely September! 


  1. I love organizing books and getting rid of stuff -- I should do both of those soon myself. I think having a number would help--great idea!

  2. Going to try and get #5 done sometime this month. It's becoming a seasonal thing for me...

    I should try and be a bit organised with #4. I've started doing it for most of this year just to keep track of what my credit card is being used for but it would be interesting to see the overall picture...

    Good luck with all of these goals! =D