Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Last week was rough, so I wasn't able to share any of the pictures from our little apple picking trip. It was early in the season, so the apples weren't completely ready, but the place was pretty empty, which was a worthwhile trade off. I made an apple pie and applesauce with the excessive amounts of apples Sawyer picked.

2. Last weekend I took a croissant making class at Sur La Table in Newport with my good friend and it was so much fun! Once upon a time I attempted to make them at home and failed miserably, so when I saw this I jumped on it immediately. We ended up being the only two in the class, so we basically had a private lesson, which was awesome. I might attempt to make them on my own this weekend, if I have the time/energy/guts. 

3. Would it be weird to crowd-source knitting lessons on our neighborhood HOA page? I want to learn how, but I want someone local to teach me. I'll pay! 

4. I'm several months behind, but Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, has a new book coming out in November. I had a lot of students who ended up being fans, so I anticipate having a lot of book talks about that one next semester. 

5. My iPhone 6 is two years and some change and has slowed down SO MUCH in the last three or so weeks. I don't know if it's because my phone is "old" or because of the supposed conspiracies that Apple does it when there are new models out, but I'm over it. I'm still really resentful that I can't get the like $399 rate for renewing my contract and either have to shell out twice that much or agree to the monthly plan. I know. Such privileged, first-world problems. I'm sorry.

6. To redeem myself a tiny bit, let me just say that while I am THRILLED Saudi women can drive now, I hate the fact that this is even a thing. My God. 

7. I have a few minutes left listening to The Couple Next Door and I must say that the last hour or so, once the mystery was basically solved, has been almost boring. It might just be my impatient, admittedly, but I'm ready to choose something new.

8. We're on the cusp of October! So many fun things coming up- my mom is coming down, a 10k in Huntington, Halloween, a possible Knott's Berry Farm trip, and lots of other little fun seasonal activities (and hopefully much cooler weather). 


  1. I'm so sorry about your apple-picking trip.. Would have loved to see some photos! I'm excited for October too. It rained the last two days here so the weather is definitely cooler.

    I came across your "Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts" prompt last week and got inspired to do one on my own blog. Would love for you to check it out!

    - Shanu (

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. Sounds like a great croissant class...reminded me of the Macaron class I just took, though there were 10 students, so not really a private lesson. I haven't had the guts/time/energy to try them on my own, even though I was super motivated when I left. :( I need to make a trek out to our apple orchard here with Ethan...thanks for the reminder.

  4. I read The Couple Next Door and, like you, I feel it started to overstay its welcome by the time we got to the final pages.

    And hey, you might as well use your HOA page for something good, right? I'm on my HOA and it can be a huge pain sometimes. :)

  5. I love apple picking time! I haven't gone in fact, I was living in Sacramento the last time I went.

    My iPhone needs upgrading, too; definitely slow...and I'll go with the conspiracy theory.

    I love being able to focus on reading...and try to ignore the ugliness and sadness in the world.

  6. Home-made croissants are awesome, but they just seem like so much work. Our daughter occasionally makes them, but not enough for my liking!

  7. That croissant class sounds amazing. I planning on trying to make some applesauce this week, it's my first attempt.