Bookish and (not so Bookish) Thoughts

[my favorite animal picture from the zoo- he was asleep!]

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1. Today I made two types of peanut butter balls, cake batter cookies with Christmas sprinkles, another type of cookie that I don't remember the name of, a large layered sugar cookie tree for Sawyer and I to decorate, and fudge. And I ran 9.5 miles and did other super boring things around my house. I think I deserve some couch time tonight. 

2. My friend taught my to knit yesterday and I think I love it! It's always great to learn something a little challenging, but doable. I know how to cast on, knit and pearl, so eventually I'll have to get a pattern and try to actually make something, but for now I'm just practicing. I think I might be able to handle an infinity scarf if I can figure out how to join the ends, since I feel like mistakes would be easy to hide that way.

3. I had the best visit to the optometrist yesterday- I had a great conversation about the book I was reading and world politics with the nice young guy working the desk, was told by the doctor that I could switch to a cheaper version of contacts, and ordered a pair of new glasses that I really, really love. 

4. My son is "winking" at me right now with "two eyes." He cracks me up. 

5. Tomorrow I am going to go see Star Wars! I am so excited! 

6. Monday I took Sawyer to the San Diego Zoo and we spent nine and a half hours there. We walked over 20,000 steps, all on no nap for him (this was a litmus test for Disneyland, which we are planning to take him to in a few months, and he totally passed). They have tons of lights and little shows at night for their Jungle Bells feature, which was really neat. There were absolutely no crowds at all, so we were able to see almost every single animal at least once, if not more times, plus go on the Skyfari Aerial Tram a few times, plus the bus that takes you around the park. We will most definitely be back for this next year. It was a really, really fun day. 

7. In the past week They have messed with out money and our internet- I'm pretty sure this is what's going to start making red states mad. 


  1. I tried to learn knitting once...many years ago. I did okay until I had to seam the pieces looked all bunched up and ugly. LOL

    I always notice people knitting and looking so serene.

    I still remember my one and only time to visit the San Diego Zoo...I was five years old, and loved it. Until I saw the zebras, which terrified me, for some reason.

    I am impressed at all your baking. I used to do that...but now I have no desire to spend that much time in the kitchen. Although I love homemade cookies. Sigh.

  2. I knit, but I'm very slow at it. Joining the ends you can either sew them together in a visible seam or do something called the kitchener stitch. I still have not figured out how to do that one.