Things to Look Forward to: December

1. Reading a different Christmas story every night with Sawyer 
2. Breakfast with Santa at a local restaurant
3. Traditional pictures with Santa
4. Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn
5. Our nightly Star Wars Advent Calendar
6. Dinner out with a friend while Sawyer is at his preschool's Parent's Night Out (and his other parent is at a video game convention)
7. Decorating the tree and rest of the house 
8. Donating to toy and canned tree drives
9. Making a "snow globe" door for Sawyer's room
10. Knitting lessons and lunch with a friend
11. Seeing New Star Wars movie
12. Making a million peanut butter balls
13. Seeing if we can pull off this year's Christmas card photo shoot 
14. Finishing up my 2017 family photo book
15. Wrapping gifts (I really, really love doing this)
16. Going to Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead
17. Making a cookie a tree with my ridiculous new Wilton's cutters
18. Watching Home Alone
19. Being thankful our gifts for Sawyer this year don't involve assembly 
20. Seeing my brother when he visits California (and hopefully my mom)
21. Three weeks of winter break
22. Attempting a Scrabble tournament in my classroom
23. Pretending to hate Christmas music but listening it in secret with Sawyer 
24. Watching Home Alone 
25. Putting everything away and getting life back to normal 

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