Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[the things we do for our students]

I want to keep this on the more upbeat side today, because I am in a good mood, and don't want to get cranky, so please know that I am well aware that our world is in a state of chaos and that I am fully aware of my privilege as someone who still has her job and is healthy (I am trying to give back as best I can, I promise, I just don't want to sit here and pat myself on the back as to how). So, disclaimer written, moving on.

I really, really love the Bad on Paper Podcast now. I have moved from a lukewarm fan to an enthusiastic one as of late. Both of the women are single, living in NYC apartments, and are still posting every week. They offer honest takes on how isolated they feel, how they are adapting, and what this means for their careers. 

I am also listening to Wine Girl by Victoria James, a memoir of a the youngest sommelier, and am really enjoying it. I am not super into wine, so I was a little concerned when I downloaded it, but it is much more about her life and the industry.

I let Sawyer sort of direct our science/social study topics, prepping things he voices interest in. We've done bugs, dinosaurs, and a few other things, but right now he's super into maps, so I downloaded a pdf from Teachers-Pay-Teachers and it's been super fun. He made a map of his bedroom the other day and took it so seriously. 

I have two packets of yeast left and there hasn't been an at the stores lately- I am going to use one to make homemade pizza tonight. My dreams of a sourdough starter are evaporating (unless I order one...).

I am almost done with Elton John's memoir and then I need to read Colson Whitehead's newest by the end of the month. Our English Department book club used to meet every three or so months... we've now decided to do one monthly. This is definitely a good thing. MAKE ME READ MORE BOOKS!

I have started an IGTV channel on my teacher account where I talk for a few minutes about influential books a few times a week and so far I've gotten some good feedback from the kids! My first book was Crime and Punishment, my second Charlotte's Web, and the third The Handmaid's Tale. After I do a dozen or so I'll try to do a post here about why I chose the one I did.

Sawyer's birthday is this weekend and I went through a very sad period several weeks ago once I realized it would be spent in lock down. We had originally planned on taking him to Disneyland, but he had no idea, thank goodness. His heart was set on taking cupcakes to his class, which I have promised him we'll do when this is all over (even if he has moved schools and it's cupcakes to his old teachers, of even his new class if his teacher is down with that, who knows). I let myself be sad for a few hours, but then sprang into action. I ordered a ton of Avengers decorations, including a life-size cutout of his favorite, Spiderman, stuff for his cake, and presents. The best thing is that I put out a call to certain special people in his life to send me video messages that I could edit together and people have SHOWED up. I tear up every time I think about it- a few family members, friends of our family, both kids and adults, and the best- several videos from his teachers and the kids that are still at his school. I think it'll be nearly ten minutes! Now to not cry while he watches it... I'm also going to suck it up and pay to rent the new Trolls movie, which we have been listening to the soundtrack for, and basically we'll play to his heart's content all day. 


  1. I do love how technology and books are helping us through these difficult times. I hope Sawyer loves his birthday "party."


  2. Happy birthday to Sawyer! My sons birthday was last week too & I’m wishing we had thought of the video message thing— I love it! We did a lot of FaceTime and spread out presents, calls, Zoom meeting with his class, visits (at a distance) through the front window with local family, cake, etc throughout the day which worked out really well. Tiring, but it was good.