Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

How are you? Really? On a scale from 1-10 I would say most of my days average out at 6.75. I can wake up at a 3, feel like a 9 on our walks in the sunshine by flowers with my kid chatting, to a 7 when I am getting in a good work groove, back down to a 2.5 after I read a bad article, to an 8 while getting in a half an hour of reading or stitching time before dinner. I think this is why I am tired so often. 

I finished Colson Whitehead's book, The Nickel Boys, and really loved it. We are discussing it at our book club in a few days.

I am caving in and reading Glennon Doyle's books. I ordered them both and Untamed arrived first, which I think will be good for me right now. Two of my friends and I are also reading it and are going to have our own little book club for it as well.

Guys. I tried on my wedding dress last night. It's come to that. (I was actually pleased- I couldn't physically zip it up alone, because the zipper is a bit touchy, but I am pretty sure it fits). 

I think I've spent more on candles since being home than in the last year. I just want my house to smell like Bath and Body Works threw up all over it, okay? Sorrynotsorry. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching those urgent care doctors from Bakersfield get debunked by like everyone the other day. HELLO. They're urgent care doctors. I love me some urgent care, but let's admit that they're not exactly experts at anything more than handing you an rx for antibiotics or rash cream and sending you home. But yes, let's trust EVERYONE IN SCRUBS. Their logic, statistics, everything was so speculative and it was irresponsible of them to capitalize on the fact that people are anxious to get out of their homes. 

One activity Sawyer has been doing for his school work is writing letters and thank-you notes. It's great- he is practicing penmanship, sound things out, gets to draw, and makes people happy with fun mail. Bonus: we are helping support USPS and their wickedly expensive stamps.

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  1. I’m glad those doctors were officially slapped down, they deserve to have their licences revoked.
    That’s lovely of Sawyer. Stamps cost $1.10 here, I remember when they were 35c and I’m not that old.