Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[I am in Tier 1B in my county, so, say it with me now, "Shots! Shots! Shots!"

1. I wish there was a "keep as new" option for text messages, so that I didn't forget to respond to things. 

2. Ellie, our puppy (she's seven months and definitely doesn't look like a puppy) has had some stomach issues for the last three days, which has been a huge inconvenience (I have been taking her outside every 2-3 hours, round the clock, and having to clean up our artificial grass, all in horrible weather while trying to work and do everything else) and worrisome. I took her to the vet last night and they think she'll be okay in a few days, but, daaaaaamn, am I ready to move past this. 

3. Organizational tip that makes you feel super productive: take a trash bag, set a timer for 10 minutes, and just walk around your house throwing out random stuff that you have "been meaning too." Maybe it's packaging in a closet, a beauty product that's expired, receipts, whatever. I loathe clutter, so this always feels so good. 

4. Lots happening book-wise! I am reading A Burning  by Megha Majumdar for our department book club, and it's a really great read so far. I am also working through Alexi Pappas' memoir Bravey, which I hate the title of but am enjoying so far. I decided to listen to Gretchin Rubin's book about habits, Better Than Before, while I walk or drive, which is a great reset for me right now. Sawyer and I are deep into a few chapter books- James and the Giant Peach, a Magic Tree House book, and we started the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, since he is reading that for a little book club with a friend. So many books! It's great.

5. I will always stay updated on current events and politics, but I have felt so much less compelled to check the news in the past week. I don't feel like I'm missing anything if I wait until the end of the day, now. It's a welcome change, that's for sure.

6. I had my first Covid19 vaccine last Friday and I can't wait to get my second, although I hear the side effects can be more intense. I was pretty lucky and just experienced arm soreness and maybe a little bit of fatigue, although it's hard to tell because I am always pretty tired. There's a lot of apprehension in my county about getting an appointment for the second one, though, so I'll be relieved when I have that covered (even if it does make me sick!).

7. I have found the secret to making my students write good (or at least better) analysis, is to also write mediocre and bad analysis first. I didn't just turn them loose- we have a short graphic organizer and a whole process, but, seriously, when they have to create their own non-examples first it just makes for a higher quality finished process (they are on-the-spot learning from their own mistakes. After ten or so weeks of doing this, I can say that I have seen so much improvement, which is such a professional victory, considering our limited time together. 

8. I've always been a loyal supporter of the "Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies" recipe from that uses pudding to keep the cookies super moist, but I tried Christina Tosi's version from her kid's cook book over the weekend and the flavor was insane. These are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and fairly flat- not what I consider my ideal "type" of cookie. I think the addition of 2 tbsp of milk powder is what makes them different, though. They're definitely in the rotation now.

9. My youngest sister got engaged last weekend! She has been with her boyfriend for like twelve years or something, so it wasn't a huge shock, but it was some happy news for our family. Plus, I love weddings. 

10. I can't be the only person who bribes their kid to behave at the dentist with the promise of a sugary treat afterwards... right?


  1. I am eager to get my second shot, too, although "when" is still up in the air. I am less likely to check out the news at the beginning of the day...except I get a NY Times email every morning that I like to read with my coffee.

    Enjoy that trash bag activity. Sounds good!


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