Nine Extremely Trivial Things I Really Really Really Love Right Now

I started adding these to my Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts  post the other day, but then realized I had enough things to share to make up an entire post. If you're in the market for some random things, have at it  (these aren't affiliate links- I'm too lazy to try to make money here):

1. Tronco Water Bottle- I am one of those irrational people who think they'll genuinely drink more water if they are deeply in  love with their water bottles. 

2. Dragon Fit Leggings- I wear these a lot (while drinking from my water bottle). 

3. Mrs. Vickie's Farmhouse White Cheddar Chips- I'm not a huge chip person, but I love cheese-flavored kettle chips. I could eat an entire bag in one sitting, but since I have to save room for cereal, I don't.

4. Liquid Skin- I have really really dry skin in general, but my hands and feet crack in the winter no matter what I do. Liquid Skin to the rescue! 

5. Purple Shampoo- I am not loyal to any brand yet, but I started using it once a week to help make blond highlights less brassy until I get my COVID vaccine and go back to my stylist. 

6. Down Dog Yoga's Nidra Meditation for Sleep- I am huge fan of the Down Dog App for yoga and have been a paid subscriber for years. Recently I have started listening to their meditation for sleep and it's really helped me. I think I'm at the point now after a few weeks where my brain has been conditioned to conk out once I hear the lady's voice. 

7. The Josiah Eidmann Studios Etsy Shop- I probably shouldn't technically list this yet, since the earrings I ordered haven't arrived, but I can't get enough of their jewelry. I swear, I'd wear 90% of their inventory! And it's reasonably priced, which makes it even better.

8. Slides Carnival- I have to create tons and tons and tons of Slides Presentations for work, and I love the free templates this site provides. There are so many options! 

9. Under-Desk Bike Pedals- I sit WAY more than I'd like to now that I am teaching remotely, but I'm not into a standing desk. I picked up these pedals the other day and I really like them! They up my heart rate about 10 beats per minute and, according to my Fitbit, I burn about 10-15 calories an hour more doing it intermittently (I don't pedal the whole time; I have my students work intermittently on independent activities and do it then when I am on mute). 


  1. LOL! That first point made me laugh - I am convinced there is truth to drinking more water if the bottle is pretty!

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