Re: Future Post Ideas

[I keep a running list of possible ideas to research and write about- here are five I'd like to dive in to... someday... (not that someone else hasn't I just want to do some legwork to fulfill my own curiosity]

1. A deep-dive into whether the children's graphic novel Dog Man series titles have any real connection to the classics they reference. Does Dog Man: Grime and Punishment really connect to Dostoyevsky's classic? Does Dog Man: Fetch-22 evoke the same witty, dry humor as Catch-22? Is Dave Pilkey really a literary genius brainwashing our kids for future literary prowess? 

2. A look at the last lines of short stories and essays, a writing hurdle I face myself. Ending is hard (same as some good byes, right?). You want to conclude, but it needs to feel natural, not contrived and artificial. There's always this inclination to be poignant and insightful, to leave the reader with something real to chew on as they depart... but how does it happen without seeming forced? First lines get so much credit, but last lines really should get more attention. 

3. How are education and teaching represented in modern novels? There are some great novels about students and professors, but I think there's a real lack of K-12 teacher narrators out there. (I have this hunch that there are few books like this because teachers are way too busy to actually write books.) 

4. Why do some authors include "a note on the type," and why others do not. Is it the publishing house? A love of font? A pretentiousness? A nod to typesetters of yester yore? I always enjoy reading them, but their inclusion really isn't necessary. 

5. Who really reads coffee table books? Are there a whole group of people who primarily read them? I love the idea of them, but I have probably only read less than five cover-to-cover in my life. When do they come into fashion? Is it a lucrative business (they sure are expensive)? 


  1. Whelp, this means I have to blog a response to your topic number the 5. I own quite a few coffee table books. Some of them are topics that are near and dear to me. A lot of them contain oodles of art. I like them because they typically contain beautiful illustrations...

  2. I saw Julz post first and then hopped over here!!! I cannot resist a lovely CTB and have a ton of them in my apartment but only two here at Mom's. Some of them I have read cover to cover, but books of photographs or paintings or whatever I have probably only flipped through. But yah, I love them!!

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