Stereotyping and Book Retrieval All at Once

The postal system both annoys and impresses me simultaneously. Considering what they do as far as sorting, delivering, and transporting is admirable, if you take into account how much mail there is (which I know is decreasing, but still; if you get at least 4 things in the mail every day, multiple that by a bazillion people in the country and you get roughly 4 bazillion articles dealt with daily).

What annoys me are the actual locations. First o
f all, no one in line ahead of me is ever simply going for stamps or to do a money order. Oh no. They want to send a weirdly shaped package to Taiwan, but they want it to get there in approximately seventy-six hours. Or they want to argue about how the package they sent yesterday somehow hasn't made it to Connecticut yet. Not to mention the fact it takes the workers at least twenty minutes to find your package- you'd think they'd have a system by now.

Yesterday's trip to pick up a few books was typical- waiting and waiting. And then when the elderly postal worker brought out my Amazon box he decided to talk about it:

Man: Yayyyyyy! Your package is here.
Me: Yay....
Man: You ordered books?
Me: Yup.
Man: Twilight? You like vampires?
Me: Oh, no.

Man: Romance? (sly smile)
Me: Um, definitely not.
Man: Cookbook?
Me: Where do I need to sign?

Stereotyping and book retrieval all at the same time. What a bargain.

And yes, I ordered books, something unnecessary on so many levels. But just like the binge-drinker, over-eater, and excess-gambler, I had a momentary lapse. I was having a bad day, I needed a pick-me-up. I swear, next time I'll just drink wine like normal. And it was only three books.

Vegetarianism, religion... and something fun. Next three reads? Possibly.


  1. Yeah for Ella Minnow Pea! I read it during my readathon and loved it. Let me know what you think!

  2. I've been trying to only buy used books lately (thrift stores, Goodwill, etc.) for financial reasons, but sometimes, SOMETIMES you just have to buy a real book. I admire your restraint at sticking to 3!!