Let's Go Back to College

I miss college. Not necessarily for the free pass to sleep in late, drink too much, and wear shorter skirts, but for the opportunity to learn about whatever I wanted to (embrace those GEs, undergrads!). I hate to say this, but I was so dedicated to graduating in four years, supporting myself, and handling boyfriends, that the learning and academic component sometimes feel like it fell by the wayside. In recent years I've done a lot of reflecting on the career path I ended up taking- while I am very happy now with my job and the students I teach, I don't necessarily think that there's just one job for every person. There are other things I could have been good at and would have enjoyed; I've briefly considered going back to school to become a principal (that lasted 2.57 seconds), physical therapist, nurse practitioner, publisher, or, more recently, a nutritionist. Alas, there will be no career change on my horizon- I'm still paying back the bills on the first one, enjoy having a life, and am very happy at the site I'm at currently. I would, though, like to take some classes (and not just so I can buy new books). If I had an endless supply of money and time here's what I'd study (via UCLA's and UCLA extension's course catalogs): 

1. Exercise and Sports Nutrition- Obviously, this is a topic I'm fascinated with, both on a personal level, but because I think it's interesting to see how endurance athletes train. 

2. Intro to Human Nutrition- This is also probably pretty self-explanatory, but I'd really like to know more about nutrition at a molecular level. I know a lot about the individual food groups, but would like to learn more about the ratios that comprise a healthy diet (especially since it appears I'm basically a vegetarian these days). Plus, is there really such a thing as good fats?

3. Joyce's Ulysses and Homer's Odyssey: I've decided that I'm somehow a less literary person because I haven't read Ulysses (probably because a book I just finished mentioned in thirty million times). I've read The Odyssey, but a really long time ago, so taking a class that used both texts would be necessary. I'd really like to say that I plan on doing this study on my own, but I doubt the follow through. A class would ensure that both were actually finished. Book club?

4. Graphic Novels- Using Visual Texts: After reading Habibi I learned that not only can graphic novels be true literature, but that I'm not necessarily a strong reader of this genre. There are different skills necessary for reading graphic novels- ones that I lack. 

5. Introduction to the History of Religions: As someone who has struggled with organized religion, I think I'd actually really appreciate a more in-depth study of their origins. I find the spiritual mumbo jumbo the yogis during class spout out pretty interesting (and totally unbelievable... sorry Mother Earth) and would really like to learn more about religions in other cultures. Religion is all about storytelling, which I'm slightly fond of.

6. Introduction to Architectural Design: I really, truly appreciate architecture, but just happen to know jack crap about it. I know there are time periods, styles, and new ways to incorporate green technologies, but that's where my meager knowledge stops. 

7. Topics in US History- 1960s: I am fascinated with the sixties- the hippies, Woodstock, protesting, drugs, politics, music, bra burning, communes... 

Who's coming back with me?


  1. I want to come!! I think there is a Le Cordon Bleu somewhere over there so you can drop me off on your way to your fancy UCLA. :)

  2. I do miss the fun classes in college. I don't miss the others. One of my favorite classes was called "Imagining India." It was all contemporary books by Indian authors. We watched Bollywood clips and even ate together as a class a few times at an Indian restaurant. I would love to see what types of English courses are being offered now at my college and/or other colleges.

    I would also like to take one of those PE classes where they teach you how to run. I bet I could improve my form!

  3. My course is too jam-packed for any non-medical electives, so I would love to do something similar even though am still actually studying. If I could take some other courses they'd probably all revolve around English and History and Literature. I would actually not have a problem with being one of those life-long students...

  4. What a great idea! First of all, Avocados ARE good fats! - Thus we need to eat more Guacamole!
    Secondly, too funny you have mentioned Nutrition - I have seriously been considering this for my next step/career! Done with cooking, it's time to do something better for people!
    I once took an Eastern Philosophy class and really enjoyed it. The Origins of Religions sounds fascinating!

  5. I think it would be fun to take a class about film or a class on photography.

  6. Creative Writing was my favorite class in college. I loved reading the other people's poems and trying different techniques in my own writing. I'd love to take more writing classes.*

  7. I know that a lot of schools offer free or super-cheap auditing for alumni...might be worth looking into?