Top Ten Tuesday- Non-Book Sites

The Broke and the Bookish are out of ideas and are asking us what our top ten favorite non-book related blogs/sites are today. I think I've done this before, but here's a slightly updated/different version:

1. - I read a lot of health and fitness blogs and I find most of the girls have gotten super repetitive, self-righteous and boring ("ohmygod I am soooooo awesome because I remembered to make my overnight oats last night and now have the perfect breakfast before I go run eight miles and then sit on my butt in my sweats and blog all day"). Caitlyn is actually very hard working, unapologetically dorky, and about to give birth. 

2. I really, really, really love dresses and they put out new ones everyday. I have never bought one from them, but it's still fun to look at the new ones. 

3. This is more of a confession than anything, and it makes me feel like a very, very bad person. That being said, it's hilarious and makes fun of all the health and fitness/mommy bloggers out there (which many of I read for some reason). I never comment, just lurk, which makes me even worse. I guess it's just nice to see people called out on their crap. I don't agree with how hateful they can be sometimes, but once in awhile it's nice to see someone (who needs it) get virtually bitch-slapped.

4. How very, very basic and normal of me. I check this a few times a day to see how the stock market it doing (one of my weird obsessions), if anyone has blown something important up, and who the president has pissed off.

5.  This is another health and fitness blog, but Monica seems pretty cool. She not super skinny and is honest about her own fitness goals. She's pretty funny and has some little quirks that makes me feel better about my own....

6. How Sweet It Is is amazing- I have made countless recipes from this site and they've all turned out fantastic (including her awesome garlic pizza dough and homemade Funfetti cake). Jessica does a decent mix of desserts versus savory, and is really helpful via comments or twitter if you have any questions. 

7. This in a way reminds me of Jezebel (see the next one), but maybe a little more artsy. I don't visit near enough, but when I do there's always plenty of editorials and other fun tidbits to keep me there awhile. Oh, and Zooey Deschanal is a co-founder. 

8. I'll spare everyone the summary, because I'm sure everyone reading knows... I always have mixed feelings about the site, but I think it's worth mentioning because I do read it, and does have some interesting content (like the recent cupcake article). I could do without all the celebrity mumbojumbo, but what can you do?

9. Some of the best t-shirts known to man live at Threadless. I've bought several and love how often then bring in new products. They're smart shirts, people!

10. I check once a day to get the low-down on how my team is doing. So far, all right this season- the Dodgers are kicking some ass (which I much prefer than the Angels doing well, despite the fact that they're not in our division... anyway...) but we're holding strong in second place and about .500. 


  1. I think Modcloth has super cute stuff! I like looking at their site but only have one dress from them. A friend of a friend is actually an editor at Hello Giggles and she gets so many perks. It's definitely a fun site.

  2. Modcloth has the best stuff, and they're so great with their return policy. I can spend a good 20 minutes in the morning just looking to see what their new arrivals are.

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  3. I love Modcloth! I try to stay away from it or else I would spend way too much money. ;)
    My Top Ten

  4. I like to read getoffmyinternets too :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  5. I like the forums on GOMI. Sometimes they get really snarky but honest and funny.

  6. I'm such a goody-goody. I read GOMI, and I immediately get guilt gut. That's right, I feel bad about reading mean things other people say.*

  7. I have Jezebel on my iGoogle home page.. really like it. Cupcake article.. hilarious!