Top Ten Tuesday- Trading Places

This week The Broke and the Bookish is asking us for ten characters we'd like to trade places with, a tough task for me. 

1. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland- Imagination, dreams, a talking cats, a mean Queen, crazy tea parties.

2. Cotter, from Underworld- He was there when the Giants beat the Dodgers, back in the pennant race when they were both New York Teams. My boys need that same magic right now..

3. One of the girls from a Jane Austen novel- Somewhere inside of me I'd like to wear a petticoat, partake in innocent flirtations, not worry about money, and watch men fight over me. 

4. Atticus, from To Kill a Mockingbird- Honestly, I'd much rather be the love interest of Atticus, but there was none. He's such a good, smart person.

5. Ruth Ramsey, from The Abstinence Teacher- Ruth is a sex-ed teacher that actually teaches kids that sex can be a good thing, as long as the proper precautions are being taken. In this day and age where the stance taken in public schools is that students are supposed to abstain, I can appreciate a character like Ruth.

6. Fern, from Charlotte's Web- The girl in me from Central California would love to live on a farm and raise a piggy of her own.

7. Jessica Wakefield, from Sweet Valley High- I'd love to redo my high school years a little more scandalously. 

8. Dr. Marina Singh, State of Wonder- I know I use this book frequently, but I love the idea that she just took off and went to the Amazon. Granted she didn't have the same obligations many of us to, but it was still a gutsy trip. It's not like she went to, like, Omaha. 

9. Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew Series- I loved these books growing up and always hoped to find a trapdoor somewhere or some sort of random clue to lead me on an adventure. And, now that I'm an adult, I'm betting Ned Nickerson is a good time, ifyaknowwhatImean.

10. Katrina Firlik, from Another Day in the Frontal Lobe- Fine, fine, this is nonfiction but I'd love the be a neurosurgeon for the day. Even better if I get daily rate (at least a thousand bucks). 

Not my favorite topic- perhaps easier if the men in the half naked men twisting around on bars in front of me weren't on (I'm at home, watching the Olympics, not at a strip club). 


  1. I love that you included Nancy Drew and Jessica Wakefield. I enjoyed reading Nancy Drew when I was growing up. Have you read the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Co-Mystery series?

    Great list :D

  2. I would so trade places with Jessica Wakefield! That's a great one! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the header too :P haha I didn't take the images myself, they are from various livejournal accounts. If you click on my Reviewing page, I've linked the people who did them, so feel free to check it out - they are amazing, aren't they???

  3. Amen to Jane Austen! I mean, everybody gets what they want in the end of her books. Always! What's not to like about that? And she has created the most wonderful men. I'd choose any of them. Also the clothes would be fab.

  4. Jessica Wakefield is a great choice! Nice list!

  5. Apart from Harry Potter, I think Alice in Wonderland is one of the most often-cited books today! I'm reading her for a course at the moment, and I'm remembering why I loved the story so much as a little girl.
    As for Katrina Firlik, OHMYWORD you're right. I don't like surgery but I'd love to be in a world where I do love it, and where I'm good at it.

  6. Atticus and Nancy Drew are some of my favorite characters ever! I haven't seen them around before, so great picks! :)

    Ivy Book Bindings

  7. Yes for Alce and Nancy Drew. I don't know if I could stand to be Fern. Such a sad, sad story.

  8. Ahhhhh! Loved Alice and Wonderland! I would so switch with her! Your list is awesome! I remember Sweet Valley High!

  9. Thursday Next from the Jasper Fforde series. She can read her way in to any book! How amazing would that be.

  10. Awesome list! It would be so cool to switch places with Alice. I don't know if I could switch places with Nancy Drew... I probably wouldn't do well with a real life mystery.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. I found your fabulous blog through Runeatrepeat. I am always searching for a good blog and one that reviews books is GOLD. This is a GREAT list. Oh yes. Atticus. Nancy Drew. The characters from Jane Austin. Seriously. What everyone else said. Why bother commenting? And tardy at that? Thank you for giving me a lovely new option for when my insomnia kicks in.