World Rocked

My world has been rocked. Academically, anyway. 

I've lamented my stagnated learning before, but I think I've finally found the answer. Things are about to change. 

Enter Maybe you've heard of it? Before today I had not, but a colleague was talking about some free classes she was taking online. The courses are taught by professors all over the world and are on a variety of topics. Some require (as much as a free class can require something) you buy books and most have video lecture components. They range from a few weeks to closer to a whole semester and don't cap enrollment. The only drawback- they aren't for credit. Personally, I'm maxed out on the pay scale in terms of units towards salary, so I could care less. 

Some of the courses that I'm interested in:

Algebra (University of California, Irvine)- I'm not even kidding. It's been a long time and I'm sure it would all come back really fast, but it would be a great brush up.

Contraception: Choices, Culture, and Consequences (University of California, San Francisco)- In the last year I've decided that as a culture we're really poorly informed about birth control options and they're long-lasting effects. 

Introduction to Finance (University of Michigan)- I need to learn how to get rich so I can retire before forty. 

Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Management (University of California, San Francisco)- Once I retire wealthy I need to make sure I'm healthy and can make it another sixty years. 

The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color (Wesleyan University)- My husband would be so proud.

Genes and the Human Condition (University of Maryland)- I think it's becoming more and more important that I make an effort to continue my knowledge in the field of biology- you never know what I may be teaching in ten years.

Sports and Society (Duke)- I think seeing the sociological impact sports have had on society would be fascinating.

Exercise Physiology (University of Melbourne)- I've been changing my fitness up this year and would love to see what this means for me on a physiological level. 

Greek and Roman Mythology (University of Pennsylvania)- I need a brush up. 

The Science of Gastronomy (University of Hong Kong)- Science and cooking. 

I'm trying to resist the urge to sign up for a whole bunch right now, since I have so much to do. But some of them are starting soon and I don't want to miss out... I'm excited, guys. 

[Edited to add- I just signed up for the Gastronomy, Intro to Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Greek Mythology ones. Only three have start dates and they're spread out, and then two haven't been scheduled yet). 


  1. Sounds like fun - stuff like this actually makes me miss school a little bit...

  2. Wow, this is amazing! There are so many cool courses here. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. That sounds pretty cool! Good luck with your courses :D I like The Greek & Roman mythology course.


  4. This sounds like so much fun! I've been missing school lately and feeling like I need a new project, so this might be a good idea.

  5. Eep! I read this when you first posted it and I have bookmarked it. I must do this.