Bookish (and no so Bookish) Thoughts

1. March Madness was so much fun while it lasted- soon after Gonzaga tanked so did my bracket.

2. I really wish I could get into NPR... but I can't. 

3. I have no desire at all to see the new Gatsby movie, at least in the theater. It just looks so over-the-top, and I am highly suspicious of the fact that the release date was pushed back.

4. Never calculate what your true hourly rate is, what your lifelong total purchase amount is on iTunes, or how much you paid in rent before owning a home. They're all very tragic amounts.

5. How excited are we for the Arrested Development episodes to hit Netflix in May? Ummm... very.

[between House of Cards and this Netflix is so worth it]

6. I love the part in About a Boy where the main character talks about breaking up days into half hour increments of time. You can do so much in a half hour! I've been trying to employ that mentality while at home this week- I'll read for thirty minutes and then do chores for thirty minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat.

7. I have a possibly interesting short story idea with a sort of magical realism flair. Let's see if it ever gets written.

8. Speaking of writing, I think it would be kind of fun to write short stories if I ever do NaNoWriMo again- 50,000 words worth of them.

9. I love this card from Urban Outfitters:


10. What's up with North Korea? Why are they being so particularly feisty lately? Simmer down Kim Jong Un! Point your missiles somewhere else, please. 


  1. I sort of want to see the new Gatsby movie. I agree with you that the release date is suspicious: first December, now May. It probably won't be very good. I never really liked the book.

  2. Great random thoughts. I like best your sharing of the idea of breaking hours into halves. This could be helpful.