Top Ten Tuesday- I'm a Sucker...

[Labradoodle source; other two of ARC and Junot Diaz are my own]
I'm definitely a sucker for certain words and phrases when it comes to book selecting. I may not buy the book after further inspection, but certain claims on the cover or reviews can definitely make me take a look. The Broke and Bookish ask what our top ten are this week:

1. "Debut author"- I definitely have a soft soft for freshmen attempts. It's hard to get your book out there and be successful!

2. Author blurbs- If Junot Diaz gives his blessing I'm all yours.

3. "A story about a writer"- I like getting into the psyche of writers.

4. "The story about a doctor"- I like getting into the psyche of doctors.

5. A cross between [book/author I love] and [book/author I love]- Look at the success Labradors and Poodles have had. You tell me that book x is a cross between Tom Perotta and John Irving than I'm there.

6."Winner of the Booker/Nobel Prize"- If the committees liked it enough to give it a look than I can too.

7. Coming of age story/bildungsroman- Ironically, I hate YA, yet you give me a well-written coming of age story and I'm going to read the back.

8. A story incorporating magical realism- No explanation required.

9. Iowa Writers' Workshop- In my head the Workshop is this magical place that churns out genius writers. You went there? You absolutely must be amazing.

10. "Uncorrected proof"- Fine, fine these are ones I agree to or request, but I still get excited every time I see the sticker or fine print. 

What are you a sucker for?


  1. Drats, I knew I was forgetting something when you mentioned the prize winners ;) That definitely would get my attention.

    And yay for books with magical realism and bildungsroman =D

    My TTT

  2. I should have read your list before creating mine. I could only think of 5 things. Oh well, still an interesting question which is evoking interesting answers.

  3. Love these. "Story about a doctor" is a weakness for me too! And I try to read Nobel prize winners but sometimes I just don't enjoy them. I invariably enjoy Booker Prize winners though.

  4. I'll read anyone from the Writers Workshop on the hopeful chance that they name-check places in Iowa City so I can relive my undergrad years.

    And I've been getting really place-oriented--tell me a book is about a specific place, and if it's a region/city/country I'm interested in, I'm all up in it. I just read "The Drowning House" by Elizabeth Black because it's set in Galveston and I was like, "Hmmmm. I've never been to Texas but when you start saying 'the rules of Texas are different on the Island' then I WANT IN!"

  5. I'm currently reading a book by a Nobel Prize winning author and I hate it. But this isn't the book he won the award for. Maybe that was my mistake. I've read 320 pages out of 400-something. I'm stuck between abandoning it or just sucking it up and finishing.

  6. I have to agree with you on debut author and a book described as a cross of two other books/authors -- For me, I would extend that one to include books that are described as a mix of different genres since they always intrigue me!

  7. I love magical realism.. LOVE IT! Wow.. I'm not sure how I forgot that haha. I also love debut authors... it's so great to discover a new author right from there beginning :D
    Thanks for stopping by my top ten Christine :)

  8. I 100% agree with going towards debut authors. I have a thing for those trying to make it, and I only hope that when I become a debut author one day, someone will feel the same way!
    And YES to magical realism!