Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

If you've had enough of opening presents, shopping, and stuffing your face link up below! 

1. Tis the season to have an argument on Pinterest over a Sylvia Plath picture:

[A legit attempt? Call for attention? Nonetheless she put her head in an oven!]
2. I feel like our pool vacuum is a living, breathing creature. I even refer to it as a "him" to my husband, who really doesn't need anything else to make fun of me about...

3. I love the phrase "my hackles went up." I think I've used it approximately twenty times in the last week (at least in my head).

4. I think kangaroos are onto something in terms of birthing and whatnot.


5. I love the period between Christmas and New Years- still vacation, laziness is still justifiable, and there are still sales.

6. Who the hell has time for this nonsense? I've seen variations floating around Pinterest for awhile, and I just do not get it. Maybe that's why I make a better high school teacher than elementary one.

7. Speaking of time sucks, I dowloaded the Tiny Death Star game yesterday and am slightly obsessed with building levels and making money.

8. I've baked and cooked more in the last two days than I have... since Thanksgiving. I made peanut butter cups, honey horns (cinnamon roll type things), jam strips, and browned butter sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, as well as homemade pot pies. Then on Christmas I made breakfast and then roasted a chicken will all the appropriate fixings for dinner (just for 3 this time, though, as opposed to 22). I'm ready to order pizza.

9. We reached a high of 79 degrees yesterday. I sat outside in the backyard in a sundress, without shoes, to call my mom and wish her a Merry Christmas. Part of me loves it, part of me wishes there were at least a few clouds in the sky...

10. My husband bought me my first pair of Chucks for Christmas- they're so pretty I'm scared I'll mess them up by wearing them.


  1. Ah pool vacuums freaked me out as a kid, because I was convinced they were like monsters - probably not helped by the fact they are called creepy crawlies here. They still give me the heebie jeebies lol

    You have done a lot of baking recently, I hope you don't have to do any more for a while!

    Chucks are awesome and comfy (and oddly heavy?) I practically live in mine :) yours are such a nice colour!

  2. Those chucks look awesome! What does "my hackles went up" mean? Hope you'll have a great time-between-Christmas-and-New-Years!

  3. Your chucks look fantastic! The colour is great :) I heart chucks, lol.

    The baked good look really yummy :D

    I second the question, what does "my hackles went up" mean? Have fun with the sales and that period-between-holidays ;)

  4. I am so downloading Tiny Death Star right now...