Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up below! [One again, the Linky isn't working on my end- last week it magically appeared. If it does not, please just leave a comment in the link and rest-assured that I will HOUND the Linky people until they get this worked out. I am so sorry- I really love reading your Thoughts so it bugs the hell out of me when this happens. Thanks and sorry!]

1. My husband and I decided to decorate our baby's nursery in a Where the Wild Things Are theme and I found these great Storybook blocks on Etsy- they have tons of other children's books as well (she'll also do custom orders, so I plan having the kid's name added).

[Storybook Blocks via Etsy]

2. I received my "2013 Year in Review" that I talked about a few weeks ago a week early. I loved the way it turned out and had a fun going through all the old memories. I had only two minor complaints. The first was that some of the pictures I used from Instagram didn't look quite right- I think it was just a particular filter, because 90% of them were totally fine. The only other tiny drawback was that I remembered the paper being a little thicker, but that might just be because of what I'm used to advising yearbook. All in all I think I'm a convert- no more ordering massive stacks of prints each year.

3. I've come to the conclusion that I do my best and worst thinking in the car. Typically my way to worst is the best- I run through what I need to get done when I get to work and come up with new ideas for how to deliver content. They way home is far less productive and often filled with more stressful thoughts. 

4. I ended up doing a baby registry after all, even though I'm not having a shower. I really debated because I don't want people to think we're just doing it to receive gifts- my real motivation is the completion discount and another current promotion that Babies R Us is running this month (10% of what is spent on your registry ends up in a gift card a month or two after your due date). I did most of it online and ventured into the store (shudders) to test-drive a stroller. I'm glad it's basically done!

[I didn't register for this $800+ stroller but am very impressed that it calculates speed, self charges, power folds, has lights, and cooks dinner for you]

5. This week is incredibly busy at work, as I've started doing something called IOCs with my IB seniors. Basically, for the next four weeks I'm out of my classroom 1-3 days a week doing extended one-on-one commentaries with the kids. They sit for twenty minutes and analyze one of the 20+ Sylvia Plath poems we've studied. Then, they come and sit in a room with me (and a tape recorder) and give an eight minute commentary on it. I then follow up with questions for two minutes, and then we have a ten minute conversation on either Macbeth or Running in the Family. It's intense. And it's already resulting in me getting even further behind. 

6. Speaking of ways to get behind at work, there's been another huge scholarship rush the last week, meaning letters of rec and essays that need to be looked at. One in particular is driving me crazy for multiple reasons- the Gates Millenium Scholarship. It's an incredible opportunity, but the application process requires 8 essays and a pretty extensive letter. I'm also a little bit perturbed it's not open to white kids (it's run in conjunction with the United Negro Scholarship, so basically any ethnic "minority" can apply, even if that "minority" is the majority on your campus). I definitely have a couple of Caucasian kids that are in need and deserving. I would never decline helping those that qualify, but it does rub me the wrong way a little bit.

7. Apparently there was an earthquake a half an hour or so north of where I live last night. It was a 4.4, which isn't huge enough to cause damage but definitely a shaker. I didn't feel it, but it does freak me out... slightly. I know all geographic locations have their dangers- some hurricanes, some twisters, some deep freezes, and some earthquakes. At least weather-related catastrophes can be predicted for the most part, though, allowing at least a little precaution. Earthquakes just happen. I don't like it.

8. I made myself a deal last weekend: if I have a healthy week (as in at least 10,000 steps a day or less steps but a yoga class or solid indoor bike ride, plus keeping my calories on target) I can make a Boston Cream Pie this weekend. So far, so good. Don't worry, I don't have massive eating issues- I'm just trying to keep my weight "in the window" and my body really loves to pack on the pounds if I let it.

9. Last week I used the Mac + Cheese cookbook to attempt "Macaroni and Cheese Pancakes" and pretty much failed (they totally fell apart in the skillet). I did use the Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes to make these little pizza spirals with more success, though.

10. Tomorrow is Cordie's birthday- she's going to be 9 years old. I'm going to make her a batch of banana muffins (her favorite) and take her to the park this weekend to play with her frisbee without Chomsky. 


  1. 1. I love the WTWTA theme, it's my favorite children's book, I would totally do that and I already have tons of things for it lol.
    2. That photo book is really cool, I'd love to do something like that but I'm probably too lazy!

  2. You are totally going to have to get yourself a few used copies of WtWTA to repurpose and craft with. The possibilities are endless...

  3. Oh, those story blocks are such a good idea! Cute, and also you can never get too many blocks. Here's my link for this week:

  4. 01. Nice! :D

    04. Baby strollers these days look really cool and versatile, I wish my parents had one of those when I was a baby (sure, I wouldn't have remembered it but I'd have some pretty badass photos in it, lol).

    Best of luck with all of the letters of rec, essays and general busy-ness at work!

  5. Love your nursery theme! Nad get the stroller you want-just make sure it folds easily- most important feature!!

  6. Love those blocks. I actually haven't read WTWTA yet... should I get on that?
    Good luck with scholarships. I remember how much it meant to me when my teachers wrote recommendations for me. As for racial exclusion... yeah. We get a lot of that too. I've been in so many debates about it, just thinking about it hurts my head. There are some good arguments for both sides...

  7. There've been earthquakes near where I live, but not very often, and I've only ever felt one. I actually didn't know what I was feeling, it was almost just a big truck driving by, only my apartment at the time was set way back from the street, so that didn't make any sense. Then I found out there'd been an earthquake early that morning, and what I'd felt was an aftershock. The whole thing was rather anticlimactic... guess I need to move out of the Midwest if I want more excitement. (Actually, no, if I moved to another area I'd be thrilled to get away from the "excitement" of living in tornado country. Those things freak me the hell out.)