Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Link up below! It's great seeing some new blogs pop up! 

1. I'm keeping track of the books I read on a Pinterest board, for some reason. To show off? To motivate myself visually?  I don't know, but for now it's fun.

2. I really love elbow patches- on myself, little kids, old crusty professors, it doesn't matter.


3. We had to buy poor Chomsky a slow-feed bowl bowl because in the last few months he's been scarfing down his food faster and faster (probably tied to the diet dog food... sorry buddy). I read Marley and Me, so you don't need to tell me twice about the dangers of bloat and labs. He's getting better at navigating it, but the first few feedings he was very frustrated and very slow. I'm thinking that the problem solving skills might do his cognitive level some good too.


4. So almost two weeks ago I had an issue with a red light camera (ie I made one of those snap decisions to turn right too late and got my picture taken). For those that don't have to deal with them in your city or state these little fuckers are expensive- $490 plus traffic school, of you choose (I may or may not have gotten one several years ago... in the same spot... that I'm never going near again). Anyway, the ticket came and the bail was blank, so I called the police department and left a message. By the time I had finished looking up the ticket online someone called me back and we started reviewing my driving record, the law, etc... At the end of the call he said he'd reduce my ticket... to zero. Thankful doesn't even begin to describe how I felt, considering I'm frantically trying to pay my car off before day care costs start up.

5. I've gotten into the habit of taking a half or so and dicking around on my computer as soon as I get home everyday, to relax. It occurred to me, miraculously, that I could instead use that time to read, so I've instituted a new "no technology" block when I get home and am so far finding it a much better way to transition from work to home.

6. I listen to this pregnancy podcast series on the way home from work (totally the same thing as going to classes, right?) and the other day I listened to an episode on hormones. The doctor mentioned that it takes men nearly a decade to experience the normal hormonal shift a non-pregnant woman experiences in a month. Insane!

7. I just got an Ulta coupon for 20% of my entire purchase that expires the day after payday. This is not good.

8. Speaking of blowing money, February is definitely the month to get back on track after recovering from the holidays in January. Prior to December I was paying my credit card off on a weekly basis and it worked wonderfully; I've still been paying it off every month, but it's so much more depressing to see that final total. I know I could just switch to cash, but I really like my points. February is also the month to get our taxes done, which always makes me incredibly nervous, despite the fact that I haven't owed anything to the IRS since I was about nineteen, we own a home, and both claim zero. But still.

9. I'm currently reading Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw, which was long-listed for the Booker, and am really enjoying it so far. I love when authors initially follow a short story sort of format and then slowly connect the characters together. 

10. An old high school friend posted this link on my Facebook the other day (if you're reading, Suzanne, you always send me the best stuff) to an article about a secret library at Grand Central Station. Very awesome. Please, someone in NYC go and report back. 


  1. We have the same bowl for Sonic. Unfortunately, because he is half beagle he doesn't know when to quit. He can literally eat himself to death. I thank the makers of this bowl. He can slow down and maybe feel full? Who knows. That podcast tidbit is crazy. I definitely felt those pregnancy hormones. And on a podcast note, highly recommend Snap Judgement from NPR. So good. I listen to it on the way to work. Let's blow our Ulta coupons together! I love that store.

  2. Oh that bowl looks like a good idea, I might suggest it to my folks. They have a dog that takes 5 seconds to eat dinner, I don't think she even chews D:

    Yay for getting your fine reduced to nothing! I hate those red light cameras, we have them here too. Although they've started installing ones that are both for red light and speeding. I don't speed out of habit but gosh they make me paranoid.

  3. Sorry... I linked twice.

    Slow Food for dogs... I never knew there was such a thing.

    #5 - every few weeks I have a day where I don't turn on the computer. That might not sound like a big deal but I work from home, so it's really like giving myself a day off. It's astounding how much shit I get done on those days.

  4. I'm excited to finally find the time to participate in "Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts" this week. I'm with you on the elbow patches - so professorial.

  5. #6 - holy cow! I just read that to my husband and he said, deadpan, "Fantastic." ha!

    Also, hooray for your fine being reduced to nothing! There is your good karma from a few weeks back kicking in. :)

  6. Elbow patches are cool :D lol I actually just got up to check my tweed jacket because I thought I had patches--alas, I must've confused it with my brother's jacket xD

    Whew about the fine! Those cameras are so sneaky -_-

    #10 sounds very interesting! Definitely need to hear more about it/see more pictures...

  7. Daycare costs are insane, especially if you're thinking of having more than one before the first one hits all day school age. If you can pay off your car I would definitely do it. I have a shitty schedule that I hate (Sat-Wed), but I keep it solely to cut down on daycare costs. It costs upwards of two grand a month to have two kids in full time daycare. So wrong.

    I hate January and February for the reasons you listed above - financially at least. I also hate it because it's cold.