Weekend Update

This weekend has been the perfect mix of relaxing and productivity. Yesterday I got up early and cleaned my house, walked my dogs, and exercised. Super exciting. We then saw the Veronica Mars movie with my sister and brother-in-law, which I thought was great. If you didn't watch the show I probably wouldn't bother going, but for those of who did it's perfect. The best, and most awkward part, was when Veronica sarcastically asks Dick (a total idiot), who is on his phone, "Playing Words with Friends?" and he responds "Some people just call it texting." My husband and I silently keeled over in laughter, since absolutely no one else in the theater made a peep.

My sister-in-law gave us a cute Where the Wild Things Are bib and onesie. My husband has gotten into working on his mural and it's looking great. The time he's putting into it is insane- it took him a day to draw the scene (it's one big mural on one wall and a few small canvases on another), and he's probably put in 15-20 outlining in black... so far. I hope the baby likes it, because he's stuck with it for the rest of his entire life. I'm not allowed to put pictures up until it's done, so to be continued...

Last night my little brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner. He's leaving on deployment (he's in the Navy) on Thursday for six or so months, so I made him one last home-cooked meal. The highlight of the evening may have been when he was giving his girlfriend a hard time for listening to Paramore occasionally and I revealed that he used to have a poster of the lead singer in his room when he was younger. And if I recall, that's how the family pet got her name... Sibling love.

[Bon voyage!]

 I also made these brownies for dessert, which were amazing.

[photo source and recipe: Averie Cooks]

He brought me my Little House on the Prairie books, which I've been harassing my mom to bring down for at least a year. There's been a sort of discrepancy about who they actually belong to- supposedly they're my sister's too. But, then again so was the stereo I relinquished to her when I went to college. I read them and loved them and so they're mine (my dad bought them used when I was in kindergarten of first grade). Possession is nine-tenths of the law, right?

[Used + elementary reading = tore up from the floor up]
Today I got up went grocery shopping, did a prenatal work out video, and walked through an episode of Grey's Anatomy- my weekend mornings obviously start off incredibly interesting. Since it was nearly 90 degrees out (seriously) I let the dogs swim and scared the neighbors by laying out in my two piece. I'll spare you the pictures.

Another highlight: this Lucky Charms shake. I feel like the hour and twenty minutes worth of exercise balanced things out.

[magically fattening delicious]

I also finished the copy of The House on the End of Hope Street by Menna Van Praag that Penguin sent. Review to come. Spoiler: meh.

[the cover is great, though]

God forbid a weekend go by without working, so I put in some time with Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, both reading it and creating some lessons. I'm appreciating it so  much more as an adult, but I can understand why my students are struggling. It's tough. I also graded papers, finishing the weekend with a bang. Boom.


  1. That's great that you got to see your brother one more time before he left. I'm sending him good vibes for a safe deployment.!

  2. I'm dying to see Veronica Mars. Her sarcasm is perfect. Is it true that it's On Demand too?

  3. I love the Veronica Mars movie, but I feel it is a film for those who are fan of the television series. Since they mention much from the TV series. I think probably that if you have not seen the TV series, it will not be as fun, as it is for we who have seen it.

  4. Good luck to your little brother! Reminds me of when my little brother was deployed. That sucked. Sending your family good vibes :)

    Oh god Paramore...I saw them in concert when they were juuuuuuust starting out. They were a no name band and they were damn good. Can't remember who they opened for.....

    That mural sounds incredible!

  5. I am so excited for Veronica Mars movie!! :) :)