Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. How the hell is it already Wednesday night? Spring break is vanishing right before my eyes. I took Sunday "off" but have been on the go the last three days with no end in sight (friends... baby stuff... work stuff... house stuff....).

2. We had three of our favorite couples over for dinner Saturday and it went really well. Everyone had at least met one of the other couples, and between teacher-talk, sports, and general weird shit, everyone had something to contribute (which is a concern, at least for me, when you bring together people who barely know each other). You know you have great friends when at the end of the night you're sober and still love them.

3. I need to read Huck Finn and The Scarlett Letter in the next four days. Obligation makes things so painful....

4. While out walking the dogs this morning, I saw these guys racing:

5. There has been a definite increase in seismic activity in Southern California lately (increase after years of decrease, though) and I really, really hate it. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but considering that I grew up in the very flat, very still Central Valley I'm not used to the earth moving underneath you. A 5.1 hit last weekend (in the same town where my grandparents live, about thirty or so miles away) and we got shook up little a bit (for like five seconds), coincidentally when we were on ladders and benches painting the nursery. Oh, and then everyone starts talking about the "big one." You know what? They can all go fuck themselves.

6. I highly recommend making these peanut butter cookies. The combination of the corn syrup (only a teaspoon or two, relax) and the cornstarch make for a smooth, soft texture. This is definitely in my top 10 cookies recipes.

7. Speaking of food, I feel like I've been talking to people about one of my greatest loves, cereal, a lot lately. In fact, I "joked" with my husband last night that I was going to start a new blog dedicated to cereal- reviews, recipes, interviews with cereal makers, odes, etc... Then maybe companies would start sending me free boxes? What more do you need in life besides books from publishers and cereal from food manufacturers? 

8. House is on Netflix, finally. I'm putting Nip/Tuck on hold and hopping aboard that train. I've watched the first season, a long time ago, and have been waiting not-so-patiently for this today.


9. As I listen to students and parents talk about college I've grown increasingly irritated at all the bitching and moaning about student loan debt. If you choose a viable degree and career path, taking out federal loans is fine. In fact, I think it can be incredibly motivating for graduates to enter the job market and for some it's the only tax deduction they'll get for awhile. I know all families do it differently, but eighteen-year-olds are adults and accepting at least some fiscal responsibility for their education is important. 

10. I started listening to Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential yesterday and am so far amused and intrigued. I love his unapologetic asshole-ness and brutal honesty about the restaurant business. He does the reading, which is always nice too. 



  1. #5 Reckon I'd be constantly stressed...
    #8 Used to watch House religiously - it was one show that my husband and I agreed on! I missed the last few seasons but must pick it up again. From what I understand the show is meticulously researched (and amazing how many weird medical conditions I remember as a result of House!).
    #10 - Enjoy - and you'll never eat Hollandaise Sauce or mussels in a restaurant again! ;-)

  2. I love HOUSE and used to watch it constantly....I did to get back to it and watch the last few seasons as well.

  3. I've never watched House...but I've heard it's a fantastic show.

    How can people not love cereal?!

    Definitely going to participate in your meme this week. Thanks!

  4. I used to love watching House, but the last season or two it completely lost my interest -- I hate to say it, but I think it went on a bit longer than it should have. So much of it is good though, so I hope you enjoy it!

  5. I just finished watching all of Gossip Girl on Netflix. It's one of those shows that's so bad but so good. Now I need something new. Maybe I'll give House a shot.

  6. I'm trying to finish Dexter right now but I never want it to end! It's too good. And snails made me laugh so bad, I have never seen this

  7. Have fun watching House ;) I never got around to the final season but I enjoyed all of the previous seasons (and Hugh Laurie's performance :))

    The days seem to go by really fast these days, it's very strange...

  8. Yes! I'm super excited for House! (And Royal Pains, another of my favorites that I'm way behind on.)

  9. OMG those snails!! That is so funny and yet cute at the same time. I love it so much. LOVE!