Top Ten Tuesday- Repeat Offenders

[flashback... shelves from the apartment (now we have more)]

The Broke and the Bookish ask us to list the top ten authors we own the books by this week. A few were obvious, but I had to sit down in front of my shelves and do a little bit of counting. Some, likes Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, are in huge anthologies, so I thought that that was a slightly grey area. Here's what I came up with, based purely on physical copies:

1. JK Rowling: 8 (Potter series plus the disappointing The Casual Vacancy)

2. Thomas Hardy: 7 (took a seminar on him in college)

3. Nick Hornby: 7 (love him!)

4.  Michael Chabon: 6 (half are my husband's, but I intend to read them all)

5. Ian McEwan: 5

6. Margaret Atwood: 5 (reading The Year of the Flood right now) 

7. Jonathan Safran Foer: 4

8. Richard Russo: 3

9. Gary Shtenygart: 3

10. Zadie Smith: 3

There are many others that I own three of, I just cut it down to the ones that made me seemed the most literate and cultrally aware. 


  1. How did I forget J.K. Rowling? I have all 7 Harry Potter books *goes back to edit her list a bit*

    Been meaning to read Gary Shtenygart's books; I have 2 of his titles on my wishlist atm.

    My TTT

  2. Now you're making me feel bad. I honestly included Clive Cussler, which is just embarrassing.

  3. So far JK Rowling has been on EVERY shelf! That's pretty amazing. You have a few authors I've never heard of -- making a note to look them up. Here is mine: Top Ten Tuesday at Long and Short Reviews

  4. +JMJ+

    Hmmmm. I took a paper on William Shakespeare in uni, so I have a whole bunch of his plays . . . but because most of them are in a single big volume, I didn't even think of him when I was making my list! He was the only author who got his own paper, so there's no other classic writer whose works I had a similar excuse for collecting.

  5. J.K. Rowling made my list, too. :) I'm ashamed to admit I only read my first Margaret Atwood book a couple of weeks ago, and now I want to read everything she's ever written!

  6. I had no idea Nick Hornby had that many books out! I only own two of his. I had to take all my pride out of posting my list haha.