Things I Wish I Did Better/Skills I Wish I Had*

Because nobody's perfect.

1. Knitting
2. Hanging floating shelves
3. Making rice krispies without a recipe
4. Walking away from an argument
5. Not worrying to the point of obsession
6. Upside-down French braiding
7. Dog grooming
8. Believing that there is a God
9. Returning essays in a timely manner
10. Running faster
11. Inversions
12. Remembering more of what I read
13. Not gossiping 
14. Not crying when angry
15. Commenting on blogs
16. Using my cookbooks more often
17. Not rolling my eyes as much
18. Ironing
19. Writing neatly
20. Sitting nicely through meetings
21. Laundry
22. Paper correspondance
23. Visiting my grandparents regularly
24. Eye makeup
25. Trying strange foods 
26. Gardening
27. Optimism
28. Figuring out Wordpress
29. Using coupons
30. Going on little sleep
31. Prioritizing writing projects
32. Forget people's mistakes
33. Painting my nails
34. The ability to easily participate in small talk
35. Ignoring the obnoxious neighbors

* Working draft


  1. Inversions - me, too! Apparently you need to use your core or something. I suck at that. My core is already pretty pathetic, but if you turn me upside down, that thing just goes limp!

    Re: sitting nicely through meetings - I think all teachers suck at this. Isn't there a saying that the best teachers make the worst students? If that's not already a saying, it should be.

  2. About 30 of these I could say the same! Especially the sleep one, painting my nails (HATE IT), and writing neatly.

  3. Ditto. Except for eye makeup. I'm okay at that.

  4. Ditto. Except for eye makeup. I'm okay at that.

  5. Oh man I'm terrible at small talk and just despise it. I also have a hard time ignoring my neighbors.