Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Happy Wednesday! Link up below (and thank you to those who link back).

1. My friend is getting married soon and I got this for her bachelorette brunch (so thankful it wasn't a crazy party- I would have ended up as the DD):

2. I've always been staunchly opposed to ereaders, both for nostalgic and practical reasons. This article continues to support my stance.

3. I'm one of the few who doesn't bend over backwards to kiss some Frozen ass, and am already wrinkling my nose at the reassurance of popularity now that Halloween is coming. Every time I see an Elsa I'm eating a peanut butter cup (if I get trick-or-treaters).

4. I'm a fan of the show Cabaret and would love to get to New York to see Emma Stone perform as Sally.

5. I'm so thankful for friends that you know you can easily pick back up with after an absence- people that understand that life happens. 

6. I've been dying for an ARC of Reif Larsen's I Am Radar, so I finally bit the bullet and emailed Penguin. The next day I received an email asking for my address. I have yet to receive it yet, but am excited that it was so easy! I know, beginner's luck.

7. Leave it to Texas (sorry...) to screw up Ebola containment. And seriously, why wasn't the CDC more involved? Did these people not see the movie Outbreak? Do they not remember that creepy monkey? Come on, now (I must confess that one of the most memorable part of that movie is the divorced couple who split custody of their dogs- my husband I would definitely do that if we ever split up).

8. When life gets tough, get some perspective:


9. Sometimes I crave ice cream, and sometimes I crave going to Yosemite. I know, it sounds lame, but sometimes I get this intense need to just go. The trees, the waterfalls, the smell of campfires at dusk... I'm also a little obsessed with the idea of staying at the $500+ a night Awahnee, but that ain't happening anytime soon. 

10. I'm in love with this blanket (but not the price):



  1. I haven't been to Yosemite in years, but don't live that far away from it. As a kid, we went camping there every summer. This was back when they used to have a fire fall over Half Dome. Obviously that is no longer considered safe.

    I think it has changed a lot since I was there last....

  2. It's surprising how easy it is to snatch books from publishers when you have a blog. There are a few publishers who are harder to get a hold of. But persistence often pays off...

  3. Love that article about print books! I am also very resistant to e-readers and don't see that changing any time soon. I have a tablet for the occasional book/short story/novella/magazine that is only available digitally -- I really can't read on my computer, so the tablet is a compromise. But if I can get it in print, I will read it in print.

  4. 1. Brilliant.
    2. I beg to differ... nothing like taking 750 books on holiday with me ;-)
    5. Sign of a true friend.
    8. Made me laugh. Out loud.
    9. Just do it (ice cream and Yosemite)

  5. Actually, a little more on e-readers... that article is a bit skewed and doesn't consider some key benefits of e-readers, the main one being e-readers give people access to books. Change the font size for visual impairments or turn it to text-to-voice; get books even if you're housebound..

    Notably, not all e-readers are created equal and it is important to stress that tablets ARE NOT e-readers (they're heavy, bright, invasive tablets). I really love hard copy books but I also really love my Kindle for all sorts of reasons - having loads of books in one place; having an electronic record of all my highlighted passages, 'margin notes' and words I've looked up in the built-in dictionary; getting sample chapters of books before buying the whole thing; sometimes switching on text-to-voice so that I can keep 'reading' while I drive/ cook dinner/ fold washing.

  6. Oh I've never been to Yosemite...someday hopefully. And I'm inspired by your emailing Penguin to ask for an ARC...I didn't realize that was I just emailed the author of a book I'd like, because I couldn't uncover who her publisher is (I'm a novice clearly)...hopefully she'll point me in the right direction. :)