Audiobook Checklist

I have a really hard time selecting audiobooks to read (I have an Audible membership for one book per month, and I usually listen on the thirty minute commute home). My requirements are simple:

1. Is it something I'd like to read (and therefore own the book?)
2. Is it too short? I hate spending a credit on something that is only a few hours.
3. Is it too long? I know myself well enough to know that anything longer than twelve or so hours is pushing it.
4. Is the reader's voice annoying?

The first one is the main problem. If I'm willing to listen to it, chances are I'd like to actually read it. I end up listening to a lot of non-fiction, since I tend to buy more novels that anything. When I do decide to listen to  fiction, it's something I'm on the fence about. 

I'm currently finishing up an audiobook on newborn-preschool neuroscience, so I'm trying to decide what my next download will be. Here are some contenders:

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi- A colleague mentioned this a few months ago- her book club read the books they mentioned, as well, which I thought was a cool idea. I'm not completely sold on wanting to read it, so a listen might be the way to go.

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris- I have a hard time reading essays, so I might try listening to them instead. Plus I'm a big fan of the authors reading their own work, which is the case here.

The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe- This seems like a quick read sort of book, which often make good audiobooks. 

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience by Michael Gazzaniga- I'm a science kick lately!

Batman and Psychology by Travis Langley and Dennis O'Neal- Batman is my favorite super hero and I've heard good things about this book. Something different!



  1. If you want to try fiction, I highly recommend the Kurt Wallander books by Henning Mankell. They are good lengths (I've been listening to them in 30 minutes intervals while walking to and from work) and the narrators are very good.

  2. Reading Lolita is one of my favorite books, but I frequently wanted to go back and re-read passages, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for audiobook.

  3. I'd like to read that books about both sides of the brain. I'll look for it.
    I haven't been listening to many audiobooks lately but now that I am moving around outdoors more, I might be doing that more.

  4. Reading Lolita is one of the very few books that I've abandoned (ever)... Just saying...

  5. I am definitely a fan of nonfiction on audio -- probably because it was never my first choice of genre, so I tend not to pick it up in print, so it's a nice way to fit those kinds of books in anyway.